Positivity! How to Get There

Re-framing and acceptance

“Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.” Willie Nelson

We hear so much about positivity in the media. Articles, TV programs, and books tell us we must be positive if we want to be happy, and they’re not wrong! But, sometimes, it’s hard to shift from one mind-state to another because you’re experiencing an extreme.

Imagine, for a moment, positivity is one end of a line and severe negativity the other. If you’re at the negative end and someone tells you to “smile” or “perk up,” you’ll probably feel mad at them.

It’s difficult to relate to the opposite end of the spectrum. Positive people can’t always understand why negative folks don’t cheer up. And negative folks find positive ones unrealistic if not downright annoying.

The answer, if you’re feeling negative, might be to not try to turn into a ray of sunshine suddenly. After all, going from one end of the line to another in one big whoosh isn’t easy.

Rather, take small steps in the right direction by re-framing events to see their lighter side.

So, when you’re miserable, remind yourself all circumstances change naturally over time, and things won’t be as they are forever.

Or, when you can’t help imagining you’re down on your luck, consider ways life treats you well. Count your blessings.

When you re-frame and use positivity your mood shifts. Change might be gradual, but it happens all the same.

Remind yourself, too, that it’s okay to experience the full gamut of emotions, even negativity.

We aren’t built to feel terrific all the time. Occasionally, we must experience setbacks and gloom so we recognize when the good stuff happens.