“Empowering young people to become the producers of their own career and future”

Project Claim your Future sets the ambition to inspire students to steer change and innovation in their region. In the rapidly changing and globalizing world of today and tomorrow, you need to be financially and economically independent. This independence asks for developing new skills such as personal leadership and an entrepreneurial mind-set. Young people recognize this need, along with the urgency to develop their ambitions and a sense of belonging in an inclusive society.

Strategic Partnership

Project Claim your Future is a strategic partnership within the framework of Erasmus+ programme of the European Union. The project is an initiative of VET schools, universities (of applied sciences) and NGO’s of 6 countries in Europe, placing students are in the lead. Claim your Future is a unique multilevel and cross-sectoral collaboration in regions and in Europe, where innovation takes place initiated and executed by students. Consortium partners Friesland College (NL), Inova+ (PT), Bridging to the Future (UK), KSM (LT), Servei Solidari (ES) and Verikom (DE) develop innovative tools in the course of 3 years, through regional and European action: a transnational training involving social entrepreneurs in regions, peer workshops, a think tank of students for regional policy makers, a measurement tool of learning and a method about students in the lead.

Role models

Aim of the activities and tools is to inspire young people to steer change and innovation, through becoming role models to their peers and through raising awareness. Students become aware of the fact that an ongoing investment is needed in skills and ambitions for the rest of their lives. Innovation asks for new role models, therefore Claim your Future students will be the first generation to start change.

Influence policy making and influence the future

The sustainable collaboration of students, educational institutes, regional social entrepreneurs and government creates a new infrastructure that allows young people to get involved and create an ongoing impact. Students of Claim your Future influence the process of policy- and decision making so that they influence the future. Local and regional government develops a sense of relevance in involving students in policy and decision making. Participating organizations aim at contributing to a higher educational level, a better employment and employability of their young people through VET / HEI collaboration and a focus on social entrepreneurial skills.

More information

For more information, please take up contact with Xavier at xlr@bttf.org.uk