When It’s not a Typo

I’m a day early in the city I’m meeting Henry this trip due to my own work travel. Scrolling through Facebook, I realize I actually have friends here — well kinda friends. I had met them nearly a decade prior through some other friends, and had hooked up with them at another point in time. Not knowing exactly what I wanted for the evening — I texted Jane.

Jane invites me to the munch her and her husband Tim are going to that night. Glossing over the word “munch” and assuming it’s a typo, I agree and ask where to meet up. She texts me the address and I look it up — It’s a Denny’s in the suburbs. She tells me everyone will be in the back room.

If you’re like me and wondering why the word munch is so important, I’ll tell you what I found out after walking into the Denny’s. According to Wikipedia “a munch (derived from “burger munch”) is a casual social gathering for people involved in or interested in BDSM.”

I couldn’t tell you what I ordered, but I can tell you that talking openly about BDSM and polyamory in a room full of understanding people was amazing. The gentleman next to me talked beautifully about his a sweater fetish and how he loved the itchiest ones. I could relate — who doesn’t love a good cardigan?

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