Chapter 1 was very interesting as I really did not know what sociology was about or how much it has impacted the world that we live in today. All of the ideas and theories from the sociologists and philosophers that we have learned about in Unit One obviously impacted sociology in hugely important ways. But I think that Auguste Comte’s concept of positivism had the most impact on the world of sociology as a whole.

Positivism is the idea that society or the social world operates according to specific laws, by using the scientific method, just as the natural world does. This concept impacted all of the social sciences like sociology and psychology just to name a few. Comte was the first one to bring forward the idea that society can be explained with logic rather than religion and/or an unknown force, which is why his concept of positivism played an important role in the development of sociology as a recognized discipline (Openstax,2016, Pg. 11).

Another concept that goes hand in hand with positivism, is active reform, which Comte fully supported. Comte believed that sociologists can and should positively impact society. “He thought that once scholars identified the laws that governed society, sociologist could address problems such as poor education and poverty” (Openstax, 2016, Pg. 11).

As you can see, Comte impacted the sociology world greatly by applying a basic natural science method to the social world. All of the social sciences like psychology, sociology, economics, and political science owe a debt to Comte and his concept of positivism. In my opinion, Comte laid the ground work for all sociology ideas and principals, which is one of the many reasons he is considered the “Inventor of sociology.”