Porter Comes to Hackster

TLDR: Hackster members now have free access to a special edition of Porter. You can try here, right now.

A Customized, Auto-Generated User Interface in the Hackster Edition of Porter

There are very few things in the world I can state with certainty, but one of them is that the best way to learn most anything technical is by example.

Granted, real understanding can’t come from just cargo cult-ing or blindly following along; it’s necessary to deconstruct an existing example while rebuilding it yourself. Following a tutorial is just not the same as pulling something apart and putting it back together. (You can tell what kind of kid I was and the challenges my parents faced.)

I created Porter so that I, and other IoT developers, could focus on understanding and solving core product problems without needing to build and maintain a front end infrastructure.

Browsing Particle Events in the Hackster Edition of Porter

In case you’re not already familiar, Porter is an instant front end for your Particle Cloud-powered IoT project. It includes a configurable UI, event/message management, rule-based notifications, and UI sharing. You can learn more at the Porter Community on Hackster, this screencast playlist on YouTube, or our always-in-process written tutorial series.

Customizing a Device User Interface in the Hackster Edition of Porter

While I was working on my own IoT hardware product, I found Hackster. In my mind, it’s the go-to resource for learning how to prototype hardware and solve problems by example, and has been indispensable.

If you’re working on a hardware project and need to learn more about a problem or solve a development challenge, there is no better place to start.

A Particle, ControlEverything, and Porter Project on Hackster.

There are countless projects to analyze and learn from at all levels of complexity across platforms. And, you can see in those projects that Hackster members are remarkably dedicated in documenting their process and sharing what they’ve learned with others. Not only can you learn something, it just feels good being around people who love what they’re doing.

When Hackster announced its Apps beta, I knew that Porter could make a difference to that community. I felt strongly that the people taking the time to build and document for the benefit of others deserve support along the way.

As of today, Hackster members have free access to a special edition of Porter. Just sign into your Hackster account and give Porter a try. Once you authorize access to Hackster, it’s just a few steps to connect your Particle account, select your devices, and get moving with a front-end toolkit for your Particle development projects.

Note: Porter subscribers always have direct access to Porter, without having to go through Hackster, and can use mobile app, which is required for push notification actions.

If you are an existing subscriber and access Porter through your Hackster account, you may be asked to sign into Porter, so that you see your customizations and event data.

I’m excited to see what you will build next. So, please take the time to share projects on Hackster; and know that I, and many others, will appreciate you for that.