5 Blockchain podcasts for 2018

Indispensable knowledge to stay ahead of the curve!

Blockchain in your ears

2017 has been paved by head-lines in the news about the constantly record-breaking all-times-high price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Next to the attractive hyper volatile return it could give, there is something far more promising: it’s underlying technology, Blockchain.

Podcasts: radio but better

There is a clear trend in society that worships gain of productivity.

If you haven’t taken the habit to consume knowledge and news through listening podcasts, give it a try! Podcasts are a great way to gain knowledge about certain topics while commuting, doing sports, getting cleaning tasks done or just to stimulate new thinking during a walk.

Our selection

The podcasts below are a compilation of the ones we deem as most informative, with a great variety of quality content and of course always pleasant to listen. Enjoy!

1. Unchained

Big Ideas From The Worlds Of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain.

In this podcast, host Laura Shin talks with industry pioneers across tech, financial services, health care, government and other sectors about how the blockchain and fintech will open up new opportunities for incumbents, startups and everyday people to interact more efficiently, directly and globally.

Laura Shin is a Forbes Senior Editor managing the crypto and blockchain technology coverage (Bitcoin, Ethereum, ICOs, token sales, etc.) and co-lead reporter of the Forbes Fintech 50 list. Follow her at Laura Shin.

2. Future Thinkers Podcast

a podcast about evolving technology, society and consciousness.

The great minds behind Future Thinkers podcast are the co-hosts and producers Euvie Ivanova and Mike Gilliland. Both are passionate about consciousness exploration, geeking out over the future, and weird cutting edge ideas. The podcast invites from leading scientists, fiction writers, entrepreneurs, to out-there consciousness explorers. Part of their shared epiphanies, explorations, and mind blowing discoveries, are topics related to blockchain and the way it impacts society.

Our favorite episodes are: 
- Vince Meens: Blockchain — the building blocks for a new society.
- Vitalik Buterin: What is Ethereum and how to build a decentralized future.
- Vinay Gupta: Techno-social systems, meditation and basic human needs.
- More episodes here.

Future Thinkers recently launched a new podcast focused on blockchain technology and cryptocurrency investing: Crypto Radio.

3. a16z

a16z is a numeronym that represents Andreessen Horowitz, a VC firm based in Silicon Valley. The a16z Podcast is an in-house show that “discusses tech and culture trends, news, and the future — especially as ‘software eats the world’.”

Blockchain is currently the up and coming technology and because of that, they’ve created a few shows focusing on it. All of them are worth a listen.

There are a few we would like to highlight: 
- Trends In Cryptocurrencies with Olaf-Carlson Wee and Juan Benet
- Decrypting Crypto with general partner Alex Rampell 
- Why Crypto Tokens Matter with Chris Dixon and Fred Ehrsam.

Note: the a16z Podcast tends to discuss things from an advanced perspective, so it’s not the best option for beginners.

4. Let’s talk bitcoin

Released twice weekly, each episode features analysis of pressing topics and fair, probing interviews with the people making things happen.

If the name Andreas Antonopoulos never came across you in the past years, you should definitely check out Let’s Talk Bitcoin, in which he contributes regularly! The bitcoin guru has been preaching the disrupting technology for years and recently got rewarded with more than 2 million dollars worth of donations by the community!

Let’s Talk Bitcoin has started in 2013 and counts more than 340 episodes covering various topics across the bitcoin and blockchain world. They acquired a solid fan base and evolved throughout time, inviting different kind of hosts and guests.

5. Epicentre

the Podcast at the Forefront of the Decentralized Technology Revolution.

Epicenter takes you to heart of perhaps the most important technological revolution of our time, the rise of decentralized technologies. At the center of this paradigm shift are Bitcoin, blockchains, cryptocurrencies and other distributed systems, where networks form consensus to build new complex organisms which live nowhere, yet exist everywhere.

Every week, hosts Brian Fabian Crain, Sebastien Couture and Meher Roy bring you in-depth conversations with some of the brightest minds in this bourgeoning ecosystem of startups and open source projects. Their guests, such as Andreseen which range from entrepreneurs, to academics, to industry experts, join the conversation from different locations around the globe.

Renown guests include Andreas Antonopoulos, Gavin Andresen and Vitalik Buterin.

The not-forgotten ones

Limiting the list to 5 podcasts does not mean we do not acknowledge the other great podcasts out there such as: 
- Coin Mastery with Carter Thomas
- Invest Like The Best with Patrick O’Shaughnessy
- Tim Ferriss Show 
- Write us on Facebook if we forgot mentioning someone!

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