Absolutely my favourite part of the job. ❤
Allison Washington

Here’s how I took my profile picture:
I don’t have a cell phone and my digital cameral is a piece of crap. So I used my MacBook laptop camera. Yes. I really did. I brought it into the bathroom which has two halogen recessed bulbs over the sink and mirror (I didn’t use the mirror), positioned the laptop on the vanity, got down on my knees so my face was level with the camera, pushed my head forward and my shoulders back, squinched my eyes a tiny bit (you can Google ‘squinch’, it’s a thing), thought about how much I love my cat, until my image in PhotoBooth looked good enough, and took a series of photos I could choose from. Then I transferred them into Photos on my laptop and used the standard photo editing software that comes free with it. 
This is the original, untouched:

Original untouched

And here’s the filtered:

Filtered and shopped

I got rid of the unmelinated mole on my cheek and the age spot on my forehead with the Retouch tool, used the Enhance tool which warmed the photo, and then cropped it. So, no actual filter á la Instagram or Snapchat, but enough foolery to appease my ego. My lipstick could have been better.

Here’s a good ‘squinch’ article:

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