‘It’s Because You’re Fat’ — And Other Lies My Doctors Told Me
Martina Donkers

I’m so grateful you wrote this.

I had a wonderful doctor for 12 years who helped me manage a work injury in 2004 that left me disabled and in chronic pain. I gained 50 pounds in the year after the accident, bringing my weight to 195lbs. 
My doctor retired last summer and I had to find a new one which wasn’t easy because there’s a severe shortage of doctors where I live. I finally found one willing to take new patients and it’s not going well. 
According to him, every medical issue I have ‘will go away’ if I lose the weight. I have a dislocated Sacroiliac joint that was caused by the accident. Every other doctor and specialist I’ve seen in the 12 years since the accident has told me that losing weight will have little to no effect on the pain and disability from the injury. Nor will it affect the nerve damage. It might help things in general, but they all said they didn’t want to get my hopes up that losing weight would result in any significant changes.
This new doctor believes that all I have to do is eat less for a year and the weight will be gone and I’ll be able to go off all my medications, including the pain medication, which he calls “happy pills”. 
I need to educate and arm myself to do battle with this man who is supposed to be my healthcare ally. Upcoming appointments with him are the major cause of stress in my life. Not the pain, which I’ve learned to manage. Being misjudged, misdiagnosed, and given obviously bogus health care advice is worse than not seeing a doctor at all. 
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for already doing so much of the work I need to do in order to turn him into an informed ally. The links you provided are going to help me immensely.

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