Sounds pretty much like the same feels I get.
Allison Washington

Your responses are always amazing, Allison. Thank you for taking such time and care. 
I understand your difficulty with the aging process. My late 30’s were full of its turmoil. I’m just in a different place with it these days, having relinquished romantic relationships. Attractive womanhood is kind of meaningless to me now. It’s a burden I joyfully lay down. Now it can finally be all about my mind and heart which is how I’ve always longed for it to be. (This is partly hogwash.)
Just so you know, I’m not above vanity. My profile pictures are always head shots because I’m 50lbs overweight. They’re also in full makeup, coloured hair, and taken with the best lighting I can find. And filtered. 
Clearly embracing my cronehood is not as straightforward as I make it out to be, now that I think about it. I guess I’m psyching myself up to it a bit. But I don’t miss the periods. That alone is cause for celebration.

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