Surrender your schedule to the universe’s. Here’s why.

You know how sometimes, you already know it’s not the right time to do something, but you go ahead and do it anyway?

Because you feel the need to control what happens, how it happens, when it happens, and preferable every other detail you can come up with?

Yeah. We all do sometimes 🙂

And it never works.

Because there’s your timing, your agenda and your schedule, AND then there’s divine timing.

And that always trumps yours 🙂

Here’s my own experience with it I shared with my clients in RISE, my online business healing program, this morning.

I thought I’d share it with you, too.

To inspire you to listen in deeper to your intuition, to trust your hunches, and to follow your flow even more than you already do.

Because things unfold with soooo much more ease when you do.

So here’s my story to inspire you, plus some tips on how to deal with wanting something — but feeling it’s not the right time for it yet:

Yesterday, I finally felt inspired to create the 2 healings for July for my business healing program RISE.

I know, one week before the month is over 🙂

But I follow divine timing & inspiration as best I can, ESPECIALLY in this program, and ESPECIALLY this month, which was about stop doubting your intuition and start trusting and acting upon it.

So inspiration hit yesterday, I created both healings, and posted one healing in the Facebook group in the afternoon.

Yesterday evening, I thought I’d post the second healing for this month in the Facebook group as well.

After all, it was ready, and everyone could decide for herself when to download & listen to it.

A part of me wondered if it was really the best time to post it yet, but I went ahead anyway, because: why not?

What’s the difference between last night and today? (besides there being SO many differences I can’t even begin to describe it.)

Anyhow, so I went ahead and created the update and clicked on the ‘post’ button, and…..

The update vanished into thin air.


It wasn’t posted. I didn’t get an error message.

And I didn’t get the question if I was sure to leave the page ’cause my update hadn’t finished.

N O T H I N G.

It was just gone. Poof!

Now, there was a time when I wouldn’t have accepter that.

Computer telling me what to do?! I think not, yo.

And I would have tried again. In a different browser, perhaps.

And it would have taken some time for me to give up trying.

Because when something is just not the best right time yet?

You can’t force your way through divine timing.

Oooohhhh no.

Your power will be suddenly cut off, or you’ll spill water on your laptop so you can’t do anything on it anymore, or Facebook will go down, ANYTHING.

I certainly experienced things like that many, many times. And one of those times may or may not have been pretty recently 🙂

But not last night.

Last night, I listened. Because I already felt it was best to wait until today. For whatever reason I don’t have to know, like or understand.

In this case, it was easy to listen because I wasn’t attached to anything.

But when I AM attached to an outcome or the way it happens or how or when?

Ooohhhh…I still sometimes try and stubbornly force my way through it.

With the ONLY result that it NEVER works.

It’s a struggle, it doesn’t feel good, it never brings me what I want and it always costs me valuable time and energy and a loss of feeling good during that time.

Sharing this with you because I am sure you can all relate:

When you set your mind on something happening now, or in a certain way, because you think you need it or think if you don’t do something, it will never happen, or whatever else fear-and scarcity based reason you may have for trying to fuck up the universe’s schedule…it NEVER goes your way, it ALWAYS makes you feel bad, and it’s ALWAYS a pointless struggle.

And deep down, you usually already feel it, already know it, but you’re scared to trust and let go.

So what’s the solution when that happens?

To stop trying, stop forcing, stop trying to WILL something to happen, and look inside:

What’s going on?

What are you resisting, and why?

What do you fear?

Look it in the eye, baby.

And then….

Let go.

© Brigitte van Tuijl

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Originally published at on July 26, 2017.

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