3 Most Common Reasons Why Your Job Application May Be Rejected

Are you sending your resumes constantly but not getting any responses? You get to the interview but you can’t get to the job position? It may seem to you like you have done everything possible to get a job, however it may be the time has come for you to get a new perspective and change your point of view. The reasons why you are not getting a job are probably in the text bellow. Sometimes it is just hard to evaluate yourself and find your mistakes. Take these things in consideration when questioning your actions:

You lack interpersonal skills

If you have no problems getting an interview but you can’t get the job than maybe it’s your attitude during the interview that is wrong. Besides discussing all of your qualities, skills and other reasons why you are the right person for the job you should try being relaxed and talking freely. Employers are people too, and besides your qualities and competence they want to like you as a person also. People want to work surrounded with those who “fit” them so turn on your charm and be enthusiastic. It is important that you show that you will be able to get along with everyone at work and that you are a team player. If you want to leave a good first impression you must be able to listen also, and not just talk, also ask questions that are relevant for the conversation and for the job.

You don’t know how to sell yourself

Your resume and cover letter are both just terrible and dry. You sound unnatural and have nothing in common with the real you. Avoid making these documents too short or too long. It is important to know how to sell yourself, or your resume will never be chosen among hundreds of others that are knocking on employers door each day. This just takes practice, have a dose of confidence but try not to look cocky, write a resume that represents you as you really are.

You are not well connected

Connections can drastically increase your chances of getting a job. With connections you can go around sending your resume, cover letter and bypass the whole application process. It is much easier to get an interview or the job itself with connections, and if no one is recommending you anywhere than you might not be connected as you think. Put yourself out there; make people know what you do and what your qualities are. Social media can help accomplish this goal if you put in a bit of work. People are usually self involved and they won’t do you any favors if you haven’t asked first.

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