New York doctor’s arrest signals tougher crackdown on prescription fraud

Like the rest of the country, New York has seen a sharp rise in opioid abuse in the past few years. In a recent case, a New York City doctor was arrested for allegedly running a pill mill. According to law enforcement officials, his Staten Island office served as a cover up for the illegal operation.

Dr. David Taylor, 74, was accused of writing oxycodone prescriptions for fake patients. Authorities estimated that more than four million opioid pills worth around $40 million were funneled onto the streets of Staten Island.

Police also arrested two other men for pill distribution. Federal agents said they had worked with Taylor over the course of five years. Taylor and his accomplices could face prison sentences of up to 20 years each if convicted.

The Drug Enforcement Agency said Taylor devised a scheme in which he exchanged oxycodone prescriptions for money, single malt whiskey and other goods. The doctor also allegedly sent patients to Victory Pharmacy in Staten Island to have prescriptions filled. The pharmacy was shut down following the arrests.

The recent pill mill crackdown is part of the government’s relentless efforts to curb the opioid epidemic. New York has among the strictest drug laws. Local law enforcement agents are taking an aggressive stance on prescription fraud and opioid use throughout the state by handing down harsher penalties for drug crimes.

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