Articles That Won’t Waste Your Time

Tired of scrolling through Gawker or NY times? Check out our favorite reads of the week — we have something for everyone: code, design, tech, and more.

For the Aspiring Entrepreneur

The Hard Thing About Hard Things, by Ben Horowitz gives an inside perspective about the difficulties of being an entrepreneur, why you must be ok with failure.

For those seeking inspiration

“Inspiration is a little bit like love. Seeking for the perfect love is like seeing for perfect inspiration. The harder you try, the longer it will take. It’s like magic, maybe even luck … For me luck is more like an attitude.”

For those wanting to better understand UX

The UX diagram below is the clearest one I’ve ever seen on the web. The overlapping cases give a great overview to the whole UX design idea.

For the GitHub Enthusiast

I describe what I feel would be a great workflow for me, using GitHub as a central point rather than having a collection of tools. Obviously, this standpoint is highly developer-centric and might not fit all teams / projects.

For the Deep Dreamer (code-junkie)

More than just a pretty picture, this tutorial is aimed at beginner to intermediate Node.js developer. If you know what npm is, you’ve seen a callback function before, and you can tell a HTTP GET request from a POST request, you should be able to follow along.

For the Tech-Obsessed College Student

[The Verge] surveyed our brightest minds to compile a must-have inventory of gear and gadgets essential to any young scholar in and out of the classroom.

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