A Day in the Life at Brillio

Soumya Nandy, Associate Director, Business Tech Consulting

What would it be like to actually work for Brillio?

To provide you with unfiltered answers, we turned to the people on the ground – Brillians, as they are sometimes called. By providing glimpses into their daily work lives, we hope you will learn more about how a product manager, an app developer, a technology consultant, a marketing manager and many others – spend their days at Brillio.

Tell us about yourself?
I am Soumya Nandy (also known as “Shoumo”). I have been a Business Consultant in Retail and Supply Chain. Before joining Brillio, I was with the retail chain, Target.
I have completed my MBA in Information Technology from ITM, Bangalore and Masters in Business Analysis from Auburn University, USA. I come from a small industrial town, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand. In Bangalore, I live with my wife Madhumita and son Abhineet (6 yrs. old) who keeps us on our toes.
What do you do at Brillio?
I am a part of the Business Technology Consulting (BTC) team at Brillio in Bangalore. We lead the Retail and CPG domain. We’re a great team with very enthusiastic people to keep you kicking to get back to work every day.
My job is to infuse the ‘Depth of Domain’ knowledge in the Retail and CPG practice for the team and groom the team to be one of the best in retail/CPG consulting in the industry. I am also excited to be part of the Global BTC team.
Why did you want to work at Brillio?
“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”… When I first met Sandip, and the role description he gave, it was an instant realization for me that “Yes, I want to work with this team.” In the due course of the interview process, I spoke to a few more leaders and that helped me reaffirm my intent to be a Brillian!
The challenging environment, working on new things every day and a supportive leader and team —motivate me to deliver the best I can.
What does your typical day at Brillio look like?
My day starts with checking my meeting schedules and emails to plan my day. I ensure that all required meetings with the teams are in place for the deliverables.
Brainstorming on new ideas and capabilities, working on proposals, thought papers and point of views on industry trends are a major part of the day.
I work with a very collaborative team, so it’s all about teamwork in helping deliver for the BTC team as well as working closely with the Vertical teams. My day wraps up with onsite calls and checking off my To-Do list.
What do you think will motivate you to work the most?
I would like to rephrase the question as “What do you think motivates you at work the most?” My role involves working on new ideas and thought leadership in the field of Retail/CPG. I love to explore and brainstorm capabilities driven by the Technology evolution and the challenges to adopt and drive business transformation for the future. And also the great team that I interact with.
What is it about your colleagues at Brillio that you like?
We have a great bunch of folks in the BTC team. I felt really welcome and part of the team from Day1. Going for lunch together and mini-breaks between our assignments gels the team together.
It’s a fun environment to work here.
Tell us one unique thing about YOU.
I like to cook whenever I get time.
What would you tell a potential applicant about working at Brillio?
Brillio has good leaders and great team members and that makes it a great place to work! There are a lot of learning opportunities and reasons to bring out your best and have fun at work!

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