A Day in the Life at Brillio

Shobhit Sharma, Manager, Pre-Sales

What would it be like to actually work for Brillio?

To provide you with unfiltered answers, we turned to the people on the ground – Brillians, as they are sometimes called. By providing glimpses into their daily work lives, we hope you will learn more about how a product manager, an app developer, a technology consultant, a marketing manager and many others – spend their days at Brillio.

Shobhit Sharma

Tell us about yourself – Who is Shobhit?

Proactive, Assertive and ‘Let’s-do-it’ enthusiast — A Marketer by passion and a technologist by core.
I love to party, make new friends, passionate about trying new stuff, resilient.

What do you do at Brillio?

I brainstorm with different stakeholders and bring those ideas on papers to transform clients’ problems into business solutions by leveraging industry best practices. I work in Pre-Sales Team @ Brillio.

Tell us about your background?

I did my schooling from Military Boarding School in Rajasthan then migrated to UP, Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, finally ending up in Garden-City of India, Bangalore.

How did you come to work at Brillio?

I was a lateral hire joined from a Product Engineering Company based @ Phoenix, Arizona.

Why did you want to work at Brillio?

I am inspired by constant progress and on the job learning at Brillio. I always wanted to work with an organization which has air boundaries to dream and achieve. I find it exciting here to implement my “Out-of-the-box” ideas and see them through to fruition. I like to be challenged every day on the job and desire the opportunity to utilize my skills and talent while learning NEW KNOW HOW!! Quality leadership and INSANELY COMPETITIVE Culture in the workplace has allowed me to work at my best.

What does your typical day at Brillio look like?

My day starts with a cup of coffee with head banging at some of the latest tracks of Club/Rock music, wired in with headphones-on. I can be found interacting with different people on the floor, discussing about their Lives, Ideas, Projects and something new they recently learnt. In the meantime, I shoot few e-mails, manage to get into the meetings and complete all the red flags from my inbox.

What is it about your colleagues at Brillio that you like?

Brillio is truly a diversified organization with people from different parts of the country. Each of them has an unconventional approach towards the work they do to achieve a common goal of giving client a ‘Eureka’ moment by being RESPONSIVE BEYOND IMAGINATION!
I like the energy at Brillio and their commitment to make lives better than before by challenging their own solutions every new day – INSPIRED BY POTENTIAL!

What about technology do you like?

Technology allows us to be more efficient and makes our lives easier. Technology has given us an opportunity to communicate globally with no boundaries – WE are ALIVE !

Tell us one unique thing about YOU.

I am a quick learner — learnt to drive a car in a single day and six musical instruments in three months without taking a single class.

What would you tell a potential applicant about working at Brillio?

I believe “Life is all about making the right decision at the very right time” And, I have made that decision in 2012 when I joined Brillio. “Co-Innovation” and “Out-of-the-box” thinking are part of our usual day at Brilllio. And, we do all of this while having fun @ work! Our “Dream Big, Work Hard and Be Humble” slogan is part of Brillio’s DNA.
At Brillio, We love working on new ideas and technologies, collaborating with a wide range of groups, and hiring and nurturing smart, passionate people for better tomorrow. 
Before joining Brillio – ask these 3 questions to yourself:
What is the reason of YOUR existence? – What makes YOU alive?
2) What do YOU want to achieve in life and how will YOU give back to society?
3) and the last — HOW are YOU gonna make it….?
If you have constantly thinking about the answer to these three questions – Brillio is the RIGHT place for YOU. Welcome Aboard!

At Brillio we are looking for team members with an entrepreneurial spirit and a spark that can light the way to new ideas for our clients.
Do you have what it takes to be a Brillian?

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