10 Tips To Get You Un-Stuck!

If you’re anything like me, at some point in your life you’ll find yourself feeling as if life has gotten rather stagnant.

You’re not ruining your life necessarily but you’ve become too complacent with what is and you need some help to get momentum going again.

So here’s ten tips to get you out of that rut and into feeling fine!

1. Change Your Environment

Clean, re-decorate, organize, switch things up a bit! Chances are your work space, room, or desk is cluttered and uninspiring. Take a minute to freshen things up. Throw out the clutter, move things around or just change things completely. Clutter in your life clutters your brain. So when you clean it up you’re able to get those ideas flowing again. You never know how much a cleaner space can inspire you.

2. Get out

Take a walk around the neighborhood, ride a bike. Just get out of the office or house for a bit. Forcing yourself to be productive in one place over long periods of time is just draining! Get outside and allow the outside world to give you a new perspective. I promise you’ll feel a whole lot better not cooped up indoors.

3. Read A Book

Most adults after graduating high school on average read less than one book a year! That’s crazy! There’s so much knowledge just waiting to be discovered in books. Someone actually took the time to write down their experiences so you could learn from them instead of make the same mistakes. Or maybe they give you that great idea you’d been searching for. Reading also allows our imagination muscle to grow. Just think about it, when we read a book our mind is able to create the picture of what we’re reading. It’s kind of magical.

4. Spend Time With People

Talking to people gives you a whole new perspective. Everybody is on their own journey and seeing what their going through will show you a different look on life. Maybe it’s the motivation you need to gt out of your funk or maybe you can help in some way. Not to mention science says that the better the community you spend time with, the chances of you living a long and healthy life go WAY UP!

5. Make Your Bed

Getting unstuck can take a bit of self-discipline. Most of us (me especially) struggle with this one. It’s hard to form new habits and stay consistent, especially when we’re working towards a big goal. Making your bed is one of the simplest habits to form and by doing it first thing in the morning you’ll already have accomplished something which sets your day up for success! Try it out for a month and see how it makes you feel.

6. Gratitude

This is always on my list of changing things up for the better. Being grateful can completely change your life and it’s the easiest way to go about it. Take a minute and write down 10 things you’re grateful for right now. Anything from waking up this morning, to reading this blog, to feeling good. You can think of 10 things to be grateful for, it literally takes minutes. You start doing this on a daily basis and you’ll find yourself a lot happier, able to change hard situations into easier ones, and able to bring more blessings into your life. If you need help with this and want some guidance then check out The Magic by Rhona Byrne. It’s a 28 day program that takes minutes. It’s transformed my life.

7. Have Fun

Allow yourself to do things that you love to do. Whether that’s going to the movies, playing board games with your friends, finding a pickup game of basketball, it all helps to improve your mood and inspires creativity. Plus the more you play the more it can help to keep you young longer. It literally slows the aging process. So play as much as you can!

8. Treat Yo’self

I’m not saying go out and spend all your money, but allow yourself to be pampered a little bit. Even giving yourself a spa day at home will enhance your mood and help you to feel better. Get out the candles, put in the bubble bath and allow yourself to relax. Getting stuck in the mundane makes it easy to forget about yourself. In order to make things happen you have to fill your cup first, so don’t be afraid to take time away and do things for yourself.

9. Take A Vacation

If you can afford it get out of your town for a bit. Even going to the next town over will allow you to unplug and feel renewed. When the pace of life is overwhelming and you can’t seem to get out of your rut, getting away can help you take your mind off things. Without all your distractions you might even be able to allow yourself to have some fun with the ones you love.

10. Try Something New

Sometimes we find ourselves stuck because we just keep doing the same things over and over again. We forget how fun it is to try new experiences. We think we may like one thing, but then we try something else and realize this thing was so much better! Maybe you’ll find something new to be passionate about, or maybe you’ll just find a new fun hobby. Trying new things opens up a world of possibilities!

I hope these tips help you get un-stuck, they’ve definitely helped me. And if you find yourself wanting to change up your work environment, check out my mentor Keala’s book Freelance Digital Marketing. It helped me change my life in incredible ways. Now I work for myself and help other people do it too. Check out :)