Yes, I’m terrified about the future putting it very lightly friends! I cried allot plus I was unable to get out of bed had my caregiver take the day off the day of the “count”, because I was unable to get out of bed my caregiver cried all day as well she said we could have cried together,”

I knew it was going to happen by the way, didn’t you?

I suffered a massive stroke in 2007 I had to fight so hard to come back hard to as be normal as possible, people I literally was on deaths door…Knock,knock who’s there? death I came back… I obviously have unfinished shit to do. I’m into animals but also people as well but people that care about our planet and not into greed you can’t take money with you when you die. I’ve been on the other side, you don’t need money there I promise you that! :) This poem is a good one to follow please spread it around thank you friends many blessings to all with love… I am half Cherokee my grandfather was a Cherokee Indian I will share my heritage and some Cherokee words later…

Poem; “ I pledge allegiance to the world to cherish every living thing, to care for earth and sea and air, with peace and freedom everywhere.”

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