Fleetwood Mac — “Love That Burns” EPK Video

Just two days before South By Southwest 2017, we received an email from our friends at Giant Noise. They were in search for a last minute video team to film an interview with one of their coolest clients: Mick Fleetwood of Fleetwood Mac. Last minute gigs are usually something we pass on, but this one was too fun to say no.

The shoot was for an EPK Genesis Publications was assembling to promote Mick’s upcoming book, “Love That Burns”. In the book, Mick relives the untold story of Fleetwood Mac’s connection with a small blues band called “The Blues Breakers”. The book is dedicated to Peter Green, the original guitarist of Fleetwood Mac, who received far less notoriety than his successor Lindsey Buckingham, despite having influenced the band on a fundamental level.

Less than 72 hours after the intial email from Giant Noise, we were sitting with Mick, his publicist and his agent at a hotel cafe in downtown as Mick shared his story with our cameras. Aside from the lack of a private location where we could control lighting and audio, the shoot was fantastic. Mick was incredibly personable and his team was a fun group. After about an hour of cafe-filming we had to change locations to a more secluded room becuase Mick was attracting too much attention and the audio was too rough for Luke’s liking. Everybody agreed to finish the interview later that evening in a private room on the 14th floor.

While filming we had the chance to thumb through “Love That Burns” and the book is truly incredible. It features hundreds of never before seen photos and personal accounts Fleetwood Mac’s path to fame. Mick Fleetwood is actually the only member of the original band that stayed through the entire life-span of Fleetwood Mac. In the video Mick calls himself “a survivor”.

Genesis Publishing is releasing a limited number of autographed “Love That Burns” copies, which come with a vinyl record that contains two new Fleetwood Mac songs titled “Love That Burns” and “Fleetwood Mac”.

For more information about purchasing the book go to: http://www.fleetwoodmacbook.com

Video Production Cost & Details:

  • Budget: Under 15K 
    -Pre Production: Minimal
    -Production: 1 Day
    -Crew Size: 2
    -Distribution: Online 
    -Channels: Youtube/Facebook/Instagram/Website

Producer & Director: Luke Lashley
Editor: John Monroe

Contact us via our website: www.bringlightandsound.com

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