The Both Method.

“You can get with this, or you can get with that
You can get with this, or you can get with that Think you’ll get with this, for this is where it’s at."

Black Sheep-"The choice is yours" from the album "A wolf in sheep's clothing" Oct. 22 1991.

Contrast is the primary method we have of appreciating our world. Opposites jump out at us no matter where we look begging us to choose a side, any side just not the other one. Like mixing pieces of two separate puzzles in one box, pulling them out one at a time and proceeding as though they will form the same picture. Motivation gives way to frustration as blame lands on the puzzle solver for not being astute enough to complete the puzzle accurately as a unified whole.

This awkwardness extends to any battle of opposites, you name it and there it is, the same feeder tube purveying out of context mismatched morsels of ideas, factoids or-what-have-you piling up on the coffee table of the mind.

But what if the solution is so simple that we ignore it?

Perhaps the pendulum swing of reality is the clue to unraveling the tangled stream of everything.

Could the answer to any this-or-that question be BOTH?

Overlap the two opposites, find the center and there they are. The time and effort applied to comprehending opposites with what I will now call The Both Method reveals truths, many, many truths.

Let's try it out:

Conservative or Liberal? Both are correct. A government should spend as little money as possible so as not to over-tax citizens AND a government should not overlook the needs of the infirmed or impoverished. How to implement the two together? All government agencies should reassess efficiency of revenue spending regularly and be rewarded for productive results rather than have budgets increase due to waste and endless expansion. Can this be accomplished? Maybe, people would need to prioritize good over bad news and reward excellence, less "squeaky wheel gets the grease" more "glass half full" focus. Oh and everyone needs to be honest with unbending integrity. Picture a society that celebrates a new traffic sign they all paid for and acknowledges the drop in accidents at the intersection with gratitude and excitement to put toward the next victorious improvement. So the fact that this is not our reality shows that many individuals in society are not quite there yet. We can do our individual best and have patience and optimism.

The Both Method does not solve anything it only reveals Truths and Truths can be hard to swallow. Taking the red pill is a choice you can't entirely unmake but the peace of mind brought about by no longer chasing your own tail is priceless.

Let's try another one: Science or Religion? The answer is Both. A world without a creator is meaningless AND everything has a cause and effect that is possible to both measure and understand theoretically. Any questions? A thing created is to be observed and appreciated and the process of change is the mechanism of creation that never stops and never begins. The end is the beginning no matter what. Everything just Is and the name of God is I AM BECOMING, not a noun, a verb, in action, anthropomorphic or theoretical. Religion and Science are both a means of observing reality with their own styles and a wise individual would revere both. An honest scientist worships with devout experimentation while a believer worships through ritual and sacrifice. They can do both good and evil in their own ways of believing. One advances life saving technologies while the other advances compassionate charity, One tortures animals testing hairspray while the other mutilates genitalia. The downside to both science and religion is the shared truth that whenever an organization gets big enough it needs to feed to stay funded and growing by rewarding members for unethical/immoral behaviors that cancel out any inherent good in pursuit of revenue. They basically decay, sad but true. The bigger they get, the worse they are and the farthest from original goodness. Corruption and institutional growth are unfortunately, directly proportional.

This reality is an opposition generator that forces us to compare things but what if comparison is merely the first step? Let's propose the idea that the only way to truly appreciate this reality and complete the circuit of potential is to superimpose the opposites and become the very act of creation? The Cross, The Yin and Yang, the overlapping triangles in The Star of David or The Three Pillars. Ever notice how old buildings have three entrances close together with the tallest one in the middle, which opening feels the best to walk through?

Let's try another one:

Socialism vs. Capitalism. The answer is both, together at the same time. They already exist in America now: the postal service/UPS, unions/non-unions, public schools/private schools, municipal utilities/telecom, firefighters/EMT companies, police/private security, public library/book stores. They have different applications and use cases, the problem, as with any duality stems from an all-or-nothing mind-set ignoring the value of different systems in their own unique habitats. Some services are most efficiently or effectively provided as a hierarchical/commodity while others are a value based free market specialty. Communist countries have to produce and export goods to compete in the world and become more capitalistic as time goes on (china has a middle class for chris-sake). Capitalist countries begin in a wild west fashion and slowly co-op more and more into socialism. Technology seems to be at the root of the socialism/capitalism of modern times. Dictatorial countries have thriving black markets.

Truths are fun, like collecting garbage pail kid cards.

No matter which way the pendulum swings it will always reverse when it runs out of momentum. Every team sport demands a referee and the best umpire gets yelled at by the home team while the worst one is being bribed. If you haven't noticed, truth is not very popular and polarized people can be rude when they are confronted with it to the point of violence so use The Both Method for yourself humbly, allow it to work it's magic in your life and don't expect others to understand or even benefit from it. After all, when was the last time you saw a teenagers' room with posters of Gandhi all over the walls and ceiling?

The Both Method is immensely, personally empowering and undeniably useful to an individual which brings us to our next question:

Can Truth Be Used Dishonestly?

What we are calling "The Both Method" cannot possibly be new and therefore must be known and utilized now and throughout history by potent people both infamous and anonymous. Have the truths of reality revealed by The Both Method been used for evil as well as good? Can the opposites be combined in neutrality and their offspring be repolarized again? Heavy stuff to contemplate.

If you know for a fact that a polarized person is prone to attack their opposite under certain conditions and the means are made available to them, is facilitating the environment/conditions to do what comes naturally to them under their own volition technically a crime even if for a perceived greater good? Conniving, manipulative? Absolutely, however, the choice to act is the polarized individuals to make alone so the blame lays with them exclusively unless that choice was made under duress. Does this scenario seem eerily familiar in the modern day? Do some well versed in The Both Method stand to profit from the outcomes of seemingly inevitable skirmishes? Is it reasonable to expect that laws will be passed to punish nefarious users of The Both Method? When speculators are greedy and make bad investments and market values tumble is it the taxpayers responsibility? Ouch, that one hurts a little, so modern. The angry feeling that rises up when confronted by these can lure a person away from The Both Method, relax and hold firm lest ye be polarized.

Powerful stuff, act wisely and be considerate when utilizing The Both Method. When in doubt don't do or say anything and stay centered, better yet embody absolute integrity by doing no harm.

Perhaps next time we will perouze The Reverse Both Method if there is one.

With boundless gratitude to Hermes.



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All the knowledge many would prefer you neither to have nor comprehend, with gratitude to Hermes.