Are your lithium batteries secure? The new era for quality USB charging battery

18650 lithium batteries are widely used in various types of electronic products, and some related battery explosion news appears recently which makes this daily items become dangerous. Are the lithium batteries you use secure?

First, let us analyze this type of rechargeable batteries from the birth. 18650 which we call it as a name of this type of battery is just the shape size. It is started from the Japanese SONY company years ago, it is designed to save costs and then it becomes a standard battery model. 18650 lithium battery has became the most mature, the most stable model now. Over several years, Japanese manufacturers has accumulated a wealth of experience in the 18650 battery production technology, which makes the consistency, security of 18650 battery reach a very high standard. What Brinyte USB direct-charging 18650 lithium battery adopts is the Japanese original Panasonic (Panasonnic) cells, thereby achieving 3400mAh high capacity, security and stability.

The volume of lithium battery can be reflected by the voltage. When using a lithium battery, once the voltage is lower than 2.4V, it will begin to destroy the material itself; and when the charging voltage is higher than 4.2V, it will begin to produce side effects: Because the negative electrode cell lithium atoms have been filled, the follow-up lithium metal will be deposited on the surface of anode materials. These lithium atoms will grow by a dendrite of lithium ions from the surface of the negative direction to the inside. These lithium metal will pass through the membrane, which cause the short circuit. Sometimes the battery will explode before the short circuit occurs. So overcharge, over discharge in both cases you have a great harm to the safety of lithium batteries. Brinyte USB Direct-charging lithium battery adds a triple with Micro-USB charging interface protection circuit, so the battery also provides anti-overcharge, over discharge and overheat protection.

To choose the secure and reliable lithium battery, only being with the battery-protection concept from famous brand can make us feel safe and easy about the battery.