Underwater Photography Era — -Brinyte Canister Diving Video Lights Series

Subtly using lights, we usually can take some unexpected nice pictures, for example, here is a nice picture about a diver who is holding our Brinyte DIV11 diving light, diving close to surface at dusk, the good effect is gained by the way.

However, water can stop most light waves. Dive deeper, we will lose more lights, at the end, it is only blue light wave left; so if you want to take more beautiful and original pictures, then you have to use video lights.

This period, Brinyte will share our canister diving video lights: DIV10W and DIV09V, with you. DIV10W is designed based on our technical diving light DIV10, but we use 6 pcs CREE XM-L2(U4) LED, which can reach Max 4500 lumens. We use high lumens output make up for the disadvantages of Cree XM-L2 series on color rendering. Theoretically, 6 pcs CREE XM-L2 U4 LED can reach Max 7200 lumens output, but in order to satisfy the lights needs of underwater photography and longer runtime, our engineers made the output controlled at Max 4500 lumens.

Underwater 200 meters waterproof warranty, quality is very reliable.

Our Brinyte DIV09V is equipped with 1*Cree XM-L2 (U4) LED, the max lumen reaches to 1050 lumens. This model diving video light is designed to be portable, the diameter of the light head is only 50.6 mm, which can lighten the weight of the light head and meet the need of lighting for diving photography.

About how to assemble the canister diving video lights, every diver has their own preferences. Our Brinyte divers offer us one method just for your reference.

If you want to use two canister diving video lights under water at the same time, one suitable camera support like the one in the picture should be prepared. Then the two light heads can be installed on the each side of the camera support.

In case of being hooked by the other stuffs when in the deep water , the cable of the diving flashlight should be fixed on the bracket.

The last step is fixing the battery canisters under the camera support with ropes.

Now, it is time to enjoy diving and photographing with our diving canister diving video flashlights.

Brinyte, bright your adventure.