New Law: Elite Immigrants Only.

The President is missing the point of allowing in the strugglers. They want it the most. They want to get out of their shitty country with its wars and its suppression, and come here to work their butts off and become something better. They are the ones with grit. The ones who decide that they will leave their home and their family, and move to the other side of the world. Away from everything they know, their culture, their mother tongue. They are the bravest ones. They are the ones who thought critically about their situation and realized there was opportunity out there, man! Go take it! They are the ones who decided they would work hard for years to earn the money to apply for this life. They saved money. They saved a lot of money. For a long time. They dreamt. They are the ones who worked at learning another language, and filled out their paperwork by themselves. They are the resilient ones, who spent tearful hours saying goodbye to their parents and siblings at the airports. They are the future elite ones. They are the impassioned ones, who knew they were better than their hometown. They are the ones who swallowed hard and walked onto their plane, and spent twelve hours in passport control lines and their bags got lost and their wallets got stolen on their first day in a new land. They are the ones who took a deep breath and persisted. Those ones who began in struggle, who do not yet know the language fully but are trying to learn it at night after working two jobs, are the ones you want for your country. They are the strongest ones. The ones who are asking to come over and learn, and work, and build here. They are the ones you want. If you only take the ones who could become doctors and lawyers in their own country, if you ONLY take the cream of the crop, you miss out on the best ones.

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