International Day of the Girl Child

The International Day of the Girl Child is organized each year around the world. 11 October 2016 was the fourth International Day of the Girl Child. It focuses on adolescent girls and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, which set a range of international targets, including on gender equality, to be achieved by 2030. The UK’s work on the human rights of the girl child is included in our global efforts to eliminate Violence against Women and Girls (VAWG) and in our work to protect and promote children’s rights, including those of children in armed conflict and at risk of abduction. Violence, discrimination, poverty and marginalisation can impact the girl child disproportionately. It affects her health, education and overall development, putting her at an increased risk of exploitation, abuse and trafficking.Girls as young as 10 are forced to marry much older men in countries including Afghanistan, Yemen, India and Somalia. Save the Children says early marriage can trigger a cycle of disadvantage across every part of a girl’s life. Conflict, poverty and humanitarian crises are seen as major factors that leave girls exposed to child marriage according to Save the Children.

In 2015 the UK Embassy in Conakry supported Guinea in fighting against Girl Child abuse through local partners ROSE Guinee, Today’s Women International Network (TWIN) and Humanitaire pour la Protection de la Femme et de L’Enfant. These activities supported the fight against sexual abuse, strengthening young womens skills, and the campaign against Female Genital Mutilations in N’Zérékoré and Kissidougou. In 2016 the Embassy is working with partners Meme Droits pour Tous against FGM, and with Osez Innover to support young women entrepreneurs across Guinea.