Photo Essay

Hometown Pizza in Water Valley, Mississippi has been opened for 2 years and has been have live bands perform every Saturday since they opened.
Saturday, October 8 of 2016, a unique and widely popular band played in this small town pizza joint. The band, Long Time Coming, has been together a number of years, and what makes them unique is the fact that all 3 members are brothers and triplets.
The quaint atmosphere of Water Valley often surprises people who visit because it is like a town out of time. It is just quiet enough and just slow paced enough, to birth some of the most talented people. One of these people is Marshall Allred, who has been with the band for only a month.
Marshall can spend 30 minutes with almost any instrument, and learn to play it. He currently plays guitar, piano, ukulele, and almost any string or fret type instruments.
The band is most popular for country music, while Marshall is more pop and blues. Together, they have created a special blend of music and creativity that audiences love.
Some customers come every Saturday to hear the bands play. These two are regulars that enjoy coming to hear every live band that plays at their favorite restaurant in Water Valley.
Others came just to hear Marshall sing. Like this mom of two that rarely sets foot in Hometown Pizza.
Marshall and the Long Time Coming band, filled the restaurant with music and with business. Every seat was full by the time the band started its first song.
Its obvious here who the band of triplets are, and Marshall is the loner with the acoustic and the smile on his face.
They played a variety of songs from covers of country singers to songs they wrote themselves. The crowd loved it.
After about 3 hours of playing, the band set down their work, and mingled with the people. One of the reasons they are so popular is that they do this at every show, at every location. The crowd gets to know the stars on stage.
The triplets split up to eat with friends and family, and to just get off their feet.
The pizza place loved the business and the band loved the food.
Thanks to the hard work of the waitress staff, the band and customers were kept happy and fed.
Thanks to the constant moving of the kitchen staff, food was constantly coming out hot and delicious.