‘I know I don’t look it, but can you please let me sit.’

I was born 33 years ago, and after the first 45 minutes of blissful joy, my doctor finally noticed that my fingers and toes were not all separated, but that a lot were still connected. In short, only after 45 minutes, they discovered that I have a severe form of Syndactyly. A genetic disease that in most cases, is not that severe. Often it is just skin that needs separation at some point. …

Dear prime minister, Dear Mark Rutte,

I am writing to you as I am worried about your meeting with President Bolsonaro. I am concerned that your actions give credit towards a far-right extremist, who has a history of inciting violence towards minority groups and opponents. Activities I am sure that you would condemn had they been done in the Dutch political arena.

However Last week you decided that a meeting with president Bolsonaro was to strengthen our economic relationship with Brazil. It also provided president Bolsonaro to declare that you agreed with his economic policy.

Prime minister Rutte (Netherlands) meeting president Bolsonaro (Brazil)

A statement not surprising for a prime minister coming from the…

Often when watching Youtube video’s of minimalists or when looking at pictures from their homes, it feels calming, there is just enough stuff to make it a clean, comfortable space. But also often I miss the personality of the people living in those houses. You could swap their home with the home of another minimalist, and they are ready to go!

So this is a bit of a confession: maybe I like the idea of minimalism more than I like the act of minimalism. I want to have just enough, but also more than enough to make me feel comfortable…

I am sorry if you feel that your identity is being erased, I am sorry that you feel not part of the LGBT community. Because you are in the same way that I, as a transgender woman, am part of this community: with respect to what makes us part of humanity and what makes us unique.

Pride was once started with the riots at Stonewall Inn, an event where my lesbian sisters and trans sisters were standing next to each other. We have fought for both our rights, often together. And I am wondering, is the best thing to do…

Britta Hulshof-Cats

Medievalist | Transgender| Philosophy student | Gender historian

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