The internet has millions of active websites, it is impossible to looks at all of them. The popular websites get millions and millions of views over time. Some people continuously check the same websites like Facebook, while others are only visit websites when they are needed. I surely have not been to all the websites on the internet but I thought I had seen most of the popular ones. After looking over all the websites on the reading list, I began to feel overwhelmed because I felt like an incompetent media studies student. While exploring websites such as Reddit.com, BoingBoing.com and 4chan.com I discovered a whole community of digital culture, and a dialect of internet slang I did not know existed. The internet has endless possibilities that will take infinite time to discover. Seeing all the different communities that could be formed via the internet makes it possible for everyone to fit in somewhere without face-to-face interaction. You can find forums and blog on virtually every topic people are interested in. Niche categories of hobbies have come to the forefront of popularity thanks to people who like to voice their opinion and network with other people who have similar interests all while staying anonymous.

One of my most viewed websites I use frequently is buzzfeed.com. I used to think it was one of the few websites that was a more youth centered website for news, info, and general time-wasting articles to read or look at. I like how it combines serious news articles that are relevant with totally irrelevant article about animals or retro things we have forgot about. I first started out not liking this website because all my friends were constantly obsessed with checking it and looking at pointless things. Then they started posting links to my Facebook that actually related to my life and my views on Buzzfeed changed. After a while, I started posting articles that reminded me of my friends to their Facebook pages and now it is something I check weekly. I believe I started checking Buzzfeed because I started to find articles or content that was relevant to my life, I felt that someone on the website either felt my struggles or was in the same boat as me.

I think that my interaction with internet community based websites is suitable for the amount of digital culture I want to consume. I want to limit my internet usage, instead of connecting on the internet I focus on connecting in the real world. If I start to find more and more websites where I can be an active participant then I may never get out from behind my computer screen. One website that I also enjoy that I think should be added to the reading list for the future is Elitedaily.com. I like how well written and thoughtful some articles they post can be. In addition, I get subculture vibes from the layout, design and images they use that helps pull me in as a millennial consumer. Digital communities are everywhere on the web, all you have to do is look and pretty soon you can connect with plenty of other people out there surfing the web.

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