A lost life …
Walter Pike

This makes me so desperately sick. Sephi, my African mama who has been with me my whole life has lost both of her daughters, and one in the same sort of situation.

Rejoice left her awful ex boyfriend and started a wonderful new relationship with someone who was supportive. Her ex, in a fit of jealousy and believing Rejoice was his, threw her off of her balcony, many floors up, to the ground. She died on the floor, bones crushed and in agony. All because her ex wished her dead if she wasn’t with him.

Her ex then shot himself on the way out of her apartment. It was believed that he wanted to shoot her but they got into an argument and she tried to escape, where he pushed her.

It breaks my heart, I knew Rejoice well and loved her as much as a little girl loved a big sister. My African mother has lost her husband, her two daughters and many others to acts of violence. It hurts so much.

I will donate, and I will share. Because this violence needs to stop. It hurts all colours, all creeds, all people, and it’s time we stood against it!

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