2 years after I decided that I don’t want to be with you.

Today, you come to my shop, probably not expecting to see me since I rarely here. I greet you with a big smile as if we’re best buddy, but you know, I have always been a good actress.

I heard that you have a girlfriend now. It seems like, me breaking your heart doesn’t stop you from loving someone else. Deep down in my heart, I’m glad. You finally get over it.

We talk about trivia things and after a while, lost in silence. Even after everything, I am still alone, and I thought should I have said yes to you? But no. We both won’t be happy because I know you’re not the kind of love I crave for.

I continue coloring my anti-stress coloring book that for what I know, only giving me more headache. You secretly steal a glance or two. When I catch you, I smile and pretend like it was nothing.

I have to admit that we are good together. We share the same jokes and it’s easy to be ourselves. It’s something that I would love to keep for as long as I can.

Unfortunately, I want friendship, but you want something else. It’s scary at first, the thought of losing a friend. So I give you sweet nothing and we ended up losing everything.

So yeah, I am really glad to see you happy and found someone new. You’re such a good guy and deserved to be loved the way you want to.

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