How does it feels to be with the right soul

I am told that in life we have 12 soulmates and they don’t have to be your lover or life partner. They could be your best friend, your colleague, your favorite waiter at your favorite restaurant, your neighbor, your long lost childhood friend or even a stranger you just met the other day ago. They could be. And soul, they don’t have specific gender like male or female they’re just… souls. No physical attributes.

How do you know if someone is your soulmate? Above all, you’ll feel comfortable like you’re being with another you. But since they don’t have physical attributes, you don’t feel comfortable because they “look” like you. You know, sometime we tend to be more comfortable with people who’s similar to us. For example if we’re moving to a new place, somewhere overseas, most of the time we will be very glad to meet someone who come from the same country. Just by looking at them, we feel a bit like home. But it’s something more than what your eyes see.

The second one is we are attracted to them not because of what they have or what they give materially. Ask yourself, why do you want to be with someone? I think it’s very normal to say we like someone because they’re pretty, they’re rich, they’re famous, they strong, they spend money on you and so on. These kind if people seem like adding more value to yourself. Being with them make you feel superior, make you feel special. But can you love someone who doesn’t have anything? Someone who need you more than you need them? Someone who is so different from you? Someone who seems impossible to be with?

Third, being with a soulmate doesn’t take much effort. You don’t have to plan a perfect getaway to be happy together. You don’t have to say much, give much or do much. It’s just like a two perfect-fit puzzle. Does it sound too idealistic? I experienced it for 4 years and this is exactly what I know. In silence you understand each other because you just know them so well. I am not saying even in the initial stage we could understand someone entirely, but as you know them longer, you start to understand deeper. I agree it’s natural that time reveal more of who we are, but not all relationship could survive while knowing more about each other. I think it could only happened between soulmates or people who’s in love. I think the difference is when you’re in love, you’re compromising and accepting, but with soulmates, you just understand.

The fourth, you know they’re your soulmate when the two of you share the same connection. It’s as simple as you’re hurt when they are. It’s impossible to be happy when they’re sad. You are so much connected that the emotions are contagious. Yes, sometimes we cry when we see someone is suffering in the movie or television, but that’s emphaty. It’s different. You cry because you’re feeling as if it’s happening to you. But between soulmates, you cry because they’re hurt. It hurts you.

I think it’s a gift to be able to meet your soulmate, more over if you can keep them around. You feel safe, comfortable, loved, worry-less, and it’s like you’re looking at the mirror. You have nothing to hide. You’re just two souls comforting each other as if nothing else matters. In this scary worlds, I sincerely hope you have found your soulmate. They help you to carry on.

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