Sometimes, love doesn’t knock. It just breaks the whole door.

I don’t quite remember how long I’ve been staying in my home, alone. And everyday, I would take a look from my window and wonder, “will anybody come today?”.

Am I expecting somebody? Yes! Of course. But I never met him before, and I don’t know whom I’m waiting for.

At first, I keep telling myself, never open the door on the first knock. I want to make sure that he really wants to see me. So he needs to be persistent. Therefore, every morning I would take a look and count how many times will he knocks my door. Some knock once, some knock twice, knock four times, six times, eleven times but I slowly realize that none of them knock enough so maybe no one will.

On one not-so-fine day, as usual I go take a look from my window and I see this man. He looks just the way I want my expected guest to be. Deep down I was really hoping for him to knock enough. I don’t know how many is enough, but I just hope. But not like any other man, he touch my door and try to hear what’s inside. With one move, he breaks my whole door. Was I happy? No! I was shocked and scared to death of course! A stranger just break into my freakin home!

My first thought is that he’s going to steal something from me. So I look around to see what is he up to? Is it my money? I don’t have much tho. Before I can tell him to leave, he already fix the door and lock it. He told me that he wants nothing. He just want to be with me.

“How can I trust you?”

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