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Britzone has significantly transformed to be a giant free English community located in Jakarta lately. People from different area and background come to the classes of Britzone to learn English together. Most of them find Britzone through social media, Google or friends. We as committee feel so happy that the spirit to learn English has embedded to the soul of each individual around Jakarta.

In some cases, there are a lot of people who still confuse about Britzone. They keep asking about how to join, and what to do to join the community and so on. Well, Britzone has attempted sharing specific information about how to join with us and other information about Britzone. We did!

But then, several questions come up from us as committee, what is wrong with our social media platform? Is there any missing information that we don’t share to the public yet? Do we make ourselves clear that Britzone accepts all of you, regardless your religion, race, sex, background and other?

Well, now we come to a decision of producing this writing. We divide the questions into two parts, the first one is about being a member of Britzone and the second part is about how to be a conductor. We commit to share detail information about how to join Britzone, so we do hope this FAQs can give clear clarification about joining our activities.

How to be a member of Britzone?

Hi, I want to join Britzone, what should I do? Should I register as member?

If you have high desire to join the classes of Britzone please come to routine activities of us. Just come. Remember that there will be no online registration to join the class before you come to the venue. You will be obliged to fill attendance form right after you arrive to the venue.

Is it a free community? Do we need to pay membership fee?

Yes it is! It’s free. No need to pay membership fee if you want to join with Britzone. Please take a look to all bio profiles in our social media channels. The word F-R-E-E has been clearly stated.

My English is not good and I can’t even speak English fluently, then can I join?

We never limit people based on their capacity and skill of English. We are here to learn together and if you think you have high desire and willingness to learn with us then it is enough to prove that you’re eligible to be our members.

Is there any specific requirement/qualification to be able to join the community?

No, there isn’t. You only need to come, fill attendance form on the spot, and have a seat!

Where are the classes of Britzone taken place?

You should remember this one. We always conduct the classes in the Library of Ministry of Education and Culture, building A, 1st floor, located in Jl. Jendral Sudirman, next to Fx Sudirman, Jakarta. Please, when you arrive in Kemendikbud then go ask the securities where the library is.

Note! Please be aware with announcement of each class that we post in social media, somehow there is special occasion where we conduct the class outside Kemendikbud (e.g when there is electrical issue in Kemendikbud, under renovation or etc.). We will always update the location of the class when this happens.

Could you please tell me the schedule of Britzone’s classes?

Of course! We have three classes basically in a week. Tuesday and Wednesday classes are conducted after office hour at 06.30 PM — 08.00 PM (18.30–20.00). Meanwhile, Saturday class is conducted at 11.00 AM — 1.00 PM (11.00–13.00). Each class has different topic, like Tuesday class concerns about business material, sometimes we go deeper about management, business, event career, writing skill, interview for a job etc. Wednesday class discusses about public speaking, communication and other things related with speaking in front of the public. Saturday class upholds Fun Day Class. Because it is conducted on weekend and we need to talk less-serious topic then it can be culture, music, traveling, culinary etc.

I am a grandfather for 3 grandsons and granddaughter, then can I still join the class?

Absolutely Ok! We never limit people regarding their age or marital status. If you think you can invite your grandsons and granddaughter to come over with you then don’t hesitate to join!

Is there any contact person that I can call to keep in touch with Britzone’s agenda?

No there isn’t. We are very sorry that we can’t share contact person of our committee to the public. We know it disappoints you but it will burden the contact person since there will be hundred questions come to his/her number in a week. So, I suggest you only need to update our social media since we are quite update in the tunnels.

How to be a conductor in Britzone?

I plan to be a conductor in the class, how can I apply for that?

Usually our PIC (a part of committee that handles each class in a week) will seek conductors and contact his/her availability. However, if you want to propose yourself as conductor then we are very happy for that. We publicly open the opportunity for everyone to propose as conductor.

Is there any specific requirement to be a conductor?

Basically there is no specific requirement to be conductor, even if you are not a professional public speaker it’s totally fine. What you need to bring is only your readiness, confidence, willingness, and you should prepare yourself to show the best!

What kind of topic that I could share to the class?

You can share about everything. Literally everything. You may refer to our topics in each class.

How long I should deliver my material in front of the class?

Well, it needs 2 hours to deliver your materials in front of the class.

Can I put some games/ice breaking/quiz within the class?

Yes, you can! We never limit the way of conductor delivering materials in front of the class. It’s a part of your creativity to educate, share knowledge and entertain the audiences, isn’t it?

Am I going to get profit of being a conductor?

We are very sorry about this, but you won’t get any profit/salary/fee by being a conductor. Because we are community, we do voluntary action in here, even being committee we are purely volunteer.

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