Believe in YOU

Today, I sit in a coffee shop dreaming dreams and sketching out blueprints. Reading the words of others that have gone before me and being nourished by their words. I pass by vacant lots and imagine the worlds they will one day hold. Life has been a whirlwind in the past year but, I am certain it did not come without reason.

I over hear people talking about Gods provision, as I read the gift he had so sweetly given to us. His precious word. Something I have truthfully neglected in the personal aspect of my life for a while now. Their conversation on provision and the words before my eyes, and the ‘blueprints’ I am sketching remind me of what it is to be childlike. I am reminded of truthfully how great it is learning to willingly trust in Christ again. To [ KNOW ] that he will be our anchor, sustain us and bring us on home. He will bring us home, he will bring us to places and people we could never dream up. He will prove His self through the context [ people, places and pages ] we live daily.

In the context, with the people, places and the pages.. though we may fail. How sweet it is that we even have this chance to learn to love and be a light to one another. Through the pages of our lives we have the opportunity to not only connect with Christ but connect with one another. To learn to believe and love each other as we are [ even the awkward messy parts.. it’s truly something. ]

Today, I pass by vacant lots, I lift those close to me up in prayer. I am reminded how sweet it is to share the sky with someone like you. I am reminded how precious it is that potential you hold. I am shown by new businesses blooming and hearing snips of peoples stories. That belief will take you to sweet places. Not without challenges. Not with out highs and lows, but surely belief might be the anchor to take you home. It could be the anchor to lead you to a place of learning and gaining perspective of the world, life and God through the eyes of another.

To whoever you are,

doing whatever you do.

I believe in you,

I hope you do too.

Thank you,


for believing in me,

and encouraging me to create a foundation in my soul

for something beautiful.

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