Joy transcends time.

Transcends trial,

Transcends our flaws.

It is greater and sweeter than happiness.

It’s an anchor.

It is what I want holding my heart.

I hopped on board a roller coaster when it came to joy and anxiety this year. As this year it seems, every strength and charterer flaw I carry was exposed more than ever before in my life time.

I had to learn, and I am learning how to love myself. I am learning how to entrust the day, and the days ahead to Christ.

Surrender is hard,

Abandon is hard,

There comes a point where we need to come to terms with ourselves. The beautiful messes that we are. Beyond circumstance, beyond all else. I hope you are learning, I hope you are finding out how to love you. How to love the skin your in. How to love every part of you. You are so worth it.

My prayer for you, for all of us. Is that we’d let joy hold our hearts.

My heart, has gripped by anxiety so much this year for unnecessary reasons. In all of this, in the year in it’s entirety I had a moment with Christ, where I wholly entrusted the details and the context to Christ. In that moment, I was able to live in abandon.

Today, searched for that and I found it this morning. I am realizing, that though it be a fight. A hard one at that.. It is beyond worth it… to hand your heart over to joy this morning.

Be greater, than the grip of fear.

Greater than the grip of anxiety.

Rock the skin you are in.


See yourself through the eyes of Christ today.

You are loved. ❤

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