But the fact that we aren’t incentivized to do public-facing research is bullshit.
Does Anyone Care About Journalism Research? (No, Really)
Nikki Usher

That’s so awesome that has been your experience. I’ve always been told that any article published in the trade press or getting quoted in MSM is great, sure, and it does count to some extent, but at the end of the day, the single most important thing in your career and books and journal articles published in top tier journals. I do think it has started to change, which is good. I remember talking with Jay Rosen back when I went up for tenure about how to make the argument that things like blogging and twitter weren’t just utter crap and that they were part of my overall output as a teacher/scholar. Especially when I first started, my colleagues were still mostly appalled at “the blogs.” Things are more progressive now and lots of people are doing GREAT outreach, but most institutions you can get tenure even if you have done zero outreach but are a publishing machine.

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