Why I quit College.

Recently I ended my three years of relationship with my college, and I’m relieved.

Over the long history of higher education, universities have dedicated their resources to produce the best and the brightest; however the focus has shifted now from public good to private benefit.

Some European countries still offer cheaper or free tuition regardless of income, but in most places the tuition is rising twice as much as healthcare cost and four times as much as housing costs in the same period.

Did you know that I’m not the only who can’t pay off the student debt? 70% of 2013 graduates left college with an average of close to $30,000 in debt, and we will still be paying back this loan in our thirties.

Despite this hefty price tag, people are unappreciative of the lecture contents after exams because they do not sit through them for the sake of learning, but for getting that glorified “A” on a piece of paper. How is this any worthwhile to prepare you for a job?

Wealthy students’ failure in a job hunt means a spot at their family business and the rest of us are in significant debts, I was irked to my spine. Not because I wasn’t rich, but because I recognized my ineptitude for our society demanding graduates with relevant skills and competencies in professional realm.

What good am I to a company if I don’t know how to read a contract? I gained more valuable lessons from talking to startup founders than from Business Administration classes. That makes sense considering the fact that on average only 30 percent of tuition goes to instruction.

As of today, I will no longer pay for an expensive piece of paper. I know many of you disagree. If you plan on keep digging your own grave of debt, I suggest you stop and immerse yourself with professionals you deserve to become one day.

I am certain that our best work is still ahead of us.

So, how much debt are you going to be in?

Article by Daniel C. Walsh
Content Contributor for Broadsight.


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