By Brock Beuch

I was recently tasked with doing a redesign of some aspect of the UTA(Utah Transit Authority) system.

Every day, hundreds of people use UTA’s Trax system. Look at your city’s light rail or metro or bike system and improve a pain point in the user experience, such as, but not limited to, the payment kiosk on the platform, the mobile app, or the website. Bonus points for user research.


I did 3 things to try and figure out a great problem to tackle.

-Competitive analysis

-Field Research

-User Survey

Competitive Analysis

There are quite a few iOS apps in…

with Nick Franchi

Super Top Secret- Salt Lake city-

I recently led a meetup with the interactive creative director at Super Top Secret Nick Franchi, one of the lead digital marketing agencies in Salt Lake City. I asked him to come in and talk a bit about user experience design and how it fits in with agency work.

Super Top Secret in salt lake city is known for making stunningly beutiful digital experiences, tailor-made to a specific brand or campaign. But we invited him to come talk to us about how it all works. …

I recently completed a short 8 week class on User Experience design, and have been spending the last couple weeks trying to find a job in the UX/ Product design field. The problem is that the UX field is growing and businesses see it. They have gobbed on to the UX terminology and are lumping it in with other fields.

Do a search on any job search site for “UX” and you will find some very creative job titles, like; “UX/UI Designer/Developer”, or “Creative UI Developer” I know that UX Designers are versatile problem solvers, and you might be able…

I have been practicing graphic design in Salt Lake for around 10 years and it has been a roller coaster ride. I have been cultivating my style and taking on a huge array of different projects. Trying to stay a head of the curve and stay relevant is one of the biggest struggles any person in a creative field faces.

Being creative isn’t easy. Whether it’s a design, painting, drawing, or any other creative project it all starts with an idea. Ideas come to you when you least expect them, to me they usually come to me while I’m driving…


I live and design in Salt Lake City.

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