Right-On in Brighton

Less than an hour’s train journey from London (via Southern Railway), you will find the bohemian, cosmopolitan seaside city that is Brighton. Forever a popular beach getaway for city dwellers, Brighton is now cemented on the map as a must-see for many international travellers alike.

The beauty of Brighton and Hove (the official city name, although depending on who you speak to, some like think of Hove as a separate town) is the variable smorgasbord of leisure that awaits you upon arrival. Of course, the first pit stop for many travellers will be the pebbled beach and infamous Brighton pier.

The seafront is well catered for with bars, cafes, restaurants, shops, stalls and amusements aplenty, though just sitting on the pebbles with a cider (and a jellied eel, if you’re brave) will definitely suffice! The pier is always bustling with visitors enjoying the arcade, going on rides and trying to keep the pterodactyl-sized seagulls away from their fish and chips. Overall, the seafront has a great and colourful vibe- especially if the weather plays along!

Back off the beach and into the heart of the city is where the real magic is, in Brighton’s North Laine area. Offering a myriad of treasure troves from the quirky to the quaint to the quite strange, it’s a place best strolled through as there is so much to see. Luckily the Lanes are well equipped with some of the South’s best pubs, where you can break up the browsing by sampling the local produce- a pint of Sussex ale is a must! Undeniably one of the UK’s most creative hubs, the city is home to an abundance of artists of every kind. It really is worth taking a little extra pocket money to shop in Brighton; you can support local trade and come home with a unique memento or two.

On any night of the week, you will be spoilt for choice as far as entertainment goes. Whether it’s the offerings of Komedia, the ‘best comedy club in the South’ or a night of classic films at the country’s oldest cinema the Duke of York or simply a pub crawl through a selection of the literal hundreds on offer, Brighton is sure to show you a good time. Live music is also a must on the list, whether it’s an open mic or a band night, the local scene is richly talented.

Kemptown, Hove, the South Downs- there is much more to mention! One really needs more than a few days in such a bustling, vibrant environment with so much to offer. So take the time to get to know Brighton; to explore its shabby chic uniqueness. And if you leave any stones unturned, it’ll be glad to welcome you back!


GRUB: La Choza, Freemasons, Bill’s

PUB: The White Rabbit, The Great Eastern, The Basketmakers

COFFEE: Marwood Studios, Redwood, Flour Pot

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