Feels like everything I’ve been reading on Medium recently has been encouraging me to start writing here. So I finally gathered the courage to pen down my first post.

Inspired by Linda Caroll’s post, this is my tree falling down in the forest. Really hope no one reads this because of the terrible phrasings and sentence constructions. I do like to write for my own peace of mind — which is why my personal Evernote notebook is filled with hilarious ventings (I will totally share them one day when/if I have gathered enough courage). However, sharing publicly is the true test of your writing — it’s a test of how much faith you have in your writings.

This is the second time I’m publicly publishing my thoughts on a subject. First time I did that on Reddit, which accidentally went viral through clickbait journalism and got featured on popular media such as The Tonight Show with Conan, Independent, HuffPost, MenXP…. yeah MenXP (ridiculous!). After the hysterical success of my first post, I started facing the most devastating writer’s block — and this is why here I am posting on Medium, hoping no one reads this, trying to struggle my way out of this tiff with myself.

Stephen King said it the best — “Fear is at the root of most bad writing.” I’m afraid that my next few posts won’t get as much traction as my first one did. I won’t meet the expectations people have set from my writings and I will be forever labelled as a one-hit wonder. Of course, none of that has actually happened and that’s just my mind playing tricks on me and I shouldn’t listen to it. This is exactly why I will start publishing regularly because I’m not writing for anyone to read. I’m writing to overcome my block and fight my fear.

And if anyone else is reading this, then I would be really honored because I am so not expecting anyone to ever read this. So just hit that green heart and you’ll make my day :)

Babson 2014 | Techpreneur | ML Enthusiast | Design Genius | Cinephile

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