Chris’s Weekly NFL Picks: Week 8

Week 8

Welcome back once again to my Weekly NFL Picks. We had another great week of awesome action. We’re about halfway thru the season. Where has the time gone I tell you? Week 7 just finished up with the Falcons beating the Giants 23–20. Dropping the Giants to 1–6. Now it’s time to move on to a new week. Let’s get into my picks.

Thursday Night Football: Houston vs Miami. I’ve gone 5–0 over the last five Thursday games. That’s quite impressive. This one's a toss-up, to be honest. Houston seems to be finding their stride as of late. Miami lost a tough one to the Lions last week. I’m a take Houston to keep the momentum going and get the win here.

My Pick: Houston 🏈

Philadelphia vs Jacksonville: This could have been a potential Super Bowl matchup. Both teams have underperformed so far this season. We knew Bortles would be Bortles but who knew their defense would become so poor as of late. Philly just doesn’t seem to have the same confidence they did a year ago. Both teams need the win. I’ll take the Eagles by default here.

My Pick: Eagles

Jets vs Chicago: Both teams are coming off losses. Chicago lost a hard-fought game to the Patriots. The Jets lost to a better Vikings team. The Jets will fight, but the Bears will pull it out in the end.

My Pick: Bears 🐻

Tamba Bay vs Cincinnati: Tamba Bay got back on track with a win against the Browns. It came down to the wire and went to overtime. Cincinnati got embarrassed by the Chiefs on Sunday football. This is another game that could go either way. I’m a take the Bengals to get back into the win column this week.

My Pick: Bengals 🏈

Seattle vs Detroit: Seattle is coming off a bye week. Detroit picked up a nice win against Miami. This is another toss-up game I could see going either way. I’m a take the Lions to get it done this week.

My Pick: Lions 🦁

Denver vs Kansas City: A division matchup. Those are always tricky to call. No team knows you like your division rival. Both teams are coming off big wins in prime time. KC is so good on offense. Denver still has a solid defense. They will slow KC’s offense up a bit but the Chiefs will prevail in the end.

My Pick: Kansas City 🏈

Washington vs Giants: What a big win for my guys last week. It’s always nice to beat the Cowboys. It wasn’t pretty but we will take the win. The 2000 Ravens didn’t win pretty, but they got it done and won the Super Bowl. I’m not saying we are a Super Bowl team, but our defense is legit. Adrian Peterson has found the fountain of youth. He runs the ball so hard. He had 24 carries for 99 yards. He’s been so impressive. All that with a bad shoulder. The Giants are done. Stick a fork in them. They should have drafted a QB. They wouldn’t be 1–6 if they had taken one of the young QB’s in the draft. They could have tried for one in free agency as well. This could be a trap game. We can’t take the Giants lightly. We need to keep running the ball and playing good defense. I’m going with my boys to get the job done here.

My Pick: Redskins 🏈

Cleveland vs Pittsburgh: The Steelers are coming off a bye week. The Browns lost another overtime game. Win, lose or draw, Cleveland is no easy out. They will compete but I don’t think it will be enough. I’m taking the Steelers.

My Pick: Steelers 🏈

Baltimore vs Carolina: The Panthers came back to beat the Eagles. Baltimore lost a real tough one to the Saints. Justin Tuck who never missed a kick (college or pros) misses the extra point that would have tied the game. Tough way to go out. This should be a good one. I’m a take the Ravens.

My Pick: Ravens 🏈

Colts vs Oakland: Your dud game of the week. Oakland is in total rebuild mood. They traded Amari Cooper to Dallas this week. First Khalil Mack now Cooper. Two of their key pieces gone. The Colts beat the Bills last week. It’s meaningless. The Bills suck. I’m a take the Colts here.

My Pick: Colts 🏈

Green Bay vs Rams: Green Bay is coming off their bye. That gave Rodgers some time to heal up. The Rams remain the only undefeated team. They have been rolling on both sides of the ball. Green Bay will compete. Rodgers always gives you a chance but the Rams are too strong at the moment.

My Pick: Rams 🐑

San Francisco vs Arizona. Two poor teams. It is a division match-up. Which means it could go either way. I’m a take the 49ers.

My Pick: 49ers 🏈

Sunday Night Football: Saints vs Minnesota. This should be a good one. Both teams have good offenses. It will come done to whose defense plays better. Simple as that. I’m a take Captain Kirk and the Vikings here.

My Pick: Minnesota 🏈

New England vs Bills: What an awful MNF match up. Bills don’t stand a chance. Patriots win easily.

My Pick: Patriots 🇱🇷

That’s all folks. My Week 8 picks are in the books. How did your fantasy teams do this week? I’ve won 5 straight in my league. After staring 4–0 in my ESPN league, I’ve lost 3 in a row. I gotta get back on track. I’ll make some adjustments this week.

I did really good with last weeks Picks. I had my best week yet. I went 11–3. I’m 61–43–2 on the season. I’m quite proud. Well, that’s it for this week. Until next time, take care, good luck to your fantasy teams and I’ll see you next time for my Week 9 picks.

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