The Ca$h INn 29th Edition: My Year In Review 2018

Are You Ca$hed INn?

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the 29th Edition of The Ca$h INn. I hope you all had a nice Christmas. Can you believe we coming to the end of another year? Seriously, where has the time gone? Seems like we were just celebrating New Year’s for 2018 not that long ago. Now it’s almost time to celebrate New Year’s again. Today, I’ll be talking about my 2018. Let’s get to it.

2018 was a good year for me. Sure it had its ups and downs like any year will. Overall it was a good year. A busy and exciting one for sure. I turned 32 this year. I even wore a Magic Johnson jersey when I went out to lunch for my birthday. It was only right. I had to represent lol.

I got to attend quite a few events this year. Anyone that knows me, knows I’m a huge wrestling fan. I went to 6 wrestling shows this year. Two Smackdown’s, NXT, and 3 MCW (Maryland Champion Wrestling) show. I had a great time at all of them. Especially NXT. That was my first time attending one of their shows. They usually tape their main show out of Full Sail in Florida. So when I found out they were coming to DC, I said I had to be there.

The Bruiser
Lacey Evans
First Full Time Female Referee for WWE Jessika Carr

It took place at The Anthem in DC. I had never been there before. The set up was nice. It had an ECW One Night Stand kinda feel to it. The matches were good. I almost got a picture with Ricochet after the show. My phone was acting up and I couldn’t get to my camera. Just my luck lol. All in all, it was a fun night.

Johnny Gargano
Velveteen Dream

Like I mentioned above, I went to 3 MCW shows this year. I went to my first back in 2016 with my good friend Keda. We have been going ever since. They do such a good job with their shows. The talent over there is phenomenal. I’ve gotten to know some and follow them on social media.

Robyn Reid. I met her after the show and got an autograph
And here it is

The first show I went to back in February was a Four Horseman Reunion Show. That was awesome. I’m a huge Ric Flair fan. So getting to see him in person was amazing. Along with the other Horseman. When you think of stables in wrestling, these guys are the first to come to mind. I didn’t get to shake Flair’s hand but I did shake hands with Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard. That was cool. They were very nice. I got my autograph 8x10 with all the guys in it. Another thing to add to my collection. I also got to meet Rosa Mendes that day as well. She was gorgeous. I got an autograph and picture with her. She was really nice.

Arn Anderson. I got to shake his hand
Ric Flair! Woooooooo!
Got my 4 Horseman Autograph
Love this one
Myself, Rosa Mendes and Keda
I got her autograph too

The 2nd show I went to was in April. That was the annual Tribute to the Legends Show and Convention MCW has put on for the past couple of years. I’ve attended them all. This year my friend Chi Chi got to join myself and Keda for the show. This time around we got to meet The Heartbreak Kid himself, Shawn Michaels. That was such a cool moment. He was awesome. I got an autograph and a photo with him. While waiting in line, I got to say hi and shake hands with Kevin Nash. Another cool moment for me. Scott Hall and X-PAC were in the house too. I didn’t get to interact with them, but I got some pictures as they were walking around.

The Bad Guy Scott Hall
Kevin Nash. I got to shake his hand too
Myself and HBK Shawn Michaels
The Crew once again

The final show I went to back in September was called Tag Wars. That was fun a fun show to attend. I got to chat with Teddy Long for a bit that night. We slapped five and he said what’s up playa? The legendary Teddy Long used his classic line to greet me. Another cool moment for this fellow wrestling fan. All 3 shows were quite good. The MCW talent works so hard and put on an amazing show for the fans. Plus they have a meet and greet before and after the shows. You can purchase merchandise and get an autograph along with a photo opp with the wrestlers.

Teddy Long
Me and Chi Chi
Myself and Keda
The Crew
Posing with the posters

Oh, how can I forget, we got a surprise appearance by Lita at the Tag Wars Show. I definitely didn’t expect that. She filled in as the special guest referee. She got a nice pop. That’s how you close out a show and send your fans home happy. Big shout out to MCW. I will be returning in 2019.

Lita making a surprise appearance

Watching the Caps journey in the playoffs and winning the Stanley Cups was one of the biggest highlights of the year for me. As well as my summer. I went to one of the watch parties and got to attend the parade. It was such an exciting moment. Not only for me but for the city of Washington DC. We haven’t seen a championship run in ages. As hard as the Caps have worked and how close they have come over the years, to finally see them win the Cup was magical.

I talk more about it in the 20th Edition of The Ca$h INn (which you can read in the link below). It was great seeing the city get behind this team. Let’s hope they can repeat and make it back to back. Even if they don’t, The summer of 2018 will always be there’s. Seeing that Banner go up was so surreal. Well deserved. I’m down for another summer of Caps fever and rocking the red!

The Caps were not the only highlight of my summer. Attending the all-star game activities was fun too. I went to the Home Run Derby, Fan Fest, and The All-Star Game. I’m a huge baseball fan so that was all surreal to me. I grew up watching those things on tv over the years. To be there in person was like a dream come true. The fan fest was amazing for this lifelong baseball fan. It was like baseball heaven. You name it, they had it. I talk about that in the 5th Edition of The Ca$h INn (check it out in the link below). Be sure to check out that and the one on the Caps if you haven’t already. I’ll post links to both here for you all.

The Caps and All-Star festivities were not the only sports highlights over the summer. I got into the Mystics as well. I always liked the team, but I really got into the games this past summer. I got to attend two games and follow their run to the WNBA Finals. They have a good team. We really need to support these ladies more. I talk about that in the 6th Edition of The Ca$h INn. Be sure to check that one out too. (Links below). I look forward to going to more Mystics games next season. They are a lot of fun. I have a new favorite player in Tasha Cloud aka Cloud 9. I got to watch her hit the game-winning shot the last game of the season. What a moment! I still like Kristi Toliver too. She’s a good point guard and has a nice jumper. She got a coaching job on the bench for the Wizards this season. I’m so proud of her. Well deserved no doubt.

Tasha Cloud #9

Speaking of The Ca$h INn, that’s something I started this year. Long story short, I love to write. It’s always been a passion of mine. I got turned down by a website I wanted to write for. They said my style didn’t fit what they were looking for. But I could apply again. If my style doesn’t fit what you're looking for, why would I reapply? So I said you know what, why don’t I create and put out my own content. That’s exactly what I did. The rest is history.

The Ca$h INn is something that means a lot to me. Everything I write I put my heart and soul into. I even got my friends involved to help me with some articles. I’m up to 29 Editions. That’s impressive. I’m just getting started. Stay tuned. I will continue to have exciting content for you all to read. I do weekly football picks too. The last month I’ve had friends pick games with me. I’ve quite enjoyed that. Shout out to all who picked games with me this year. I appreciate you.

My Football Picks Logo

I got another opportunity to write again for I got to review the Elias LP that came out this year. That was fun. Shout out to Dave who is one of the guys running the website. He gave me an opportunity to write in 2017. I was writing retro smackdown reviews. I did one on Roman Reigns too. That helped get the ball rolling again for me as a writer. I will be forever grateful for the opportunity I was given. Below is all my work for the site. Please take the time to check those out as well.

I got my first MacBook this year. It’s a used one I got off eBay but it works great. I got a great deal on it. Updated the software and it has been fun to use. I always wanted one but they were way too expensive for my price range. It’s my go-to for my writing. I don’t know what I’d do without it. I love my Apple products. I have an iPad, iPod, and an iPhone to round out my Apple products. I’m thinking about getting an Apple TV at some point in 2019. Hmmm, 🤔 we shall see lol. I also went back to the iPhone this year as well. The android has some features I like, but I realized more then ever I’m team iPhone for life. It’s just a better phone for me.

My MacBook

Not only do I write, I podcast as well. I’ve continued my growth and learning experience in the podcast world in 2018. I work on a few shows. Keda and I discuss the NXT brand each week on the We Talk NXT Podcast. That’s a lot of fun. Shout out to Rob Base and Conan for joining me on the takeover editions this year. I also work with my friend Jay on his TV Zone Network covering Ballers and Atlanta. We did Ballers last year as well. I had never seen Atlanta before. I’m glad Jay introduced me to it. I had fun covering that show. (Uncle Willie still on the run Jay lol)

I also got to do some takeover shows recently with Keda for Jay’s Movie Talk. We did our top 5 Family movies as well as our top 10 cartoons of all time too. That was fun. Earlier in the year, we did our top 5 Jim Carey movies. That was cool too. I also say for people who aren’t wrestling fans, to check out those podcasts out.

I got to work with Michael Larkin this year as well on his pop culture podcast. We discussed 90’s R&B along with Tevin Campbell’s I’m Ready album. Another fun show. I’m a post link, but you can find all my podcast work on iTunes and SoundCloud. Be sure to check those out and support me there as well.

I gotta shout out my guys at The Wrestling Court too. If it wasn’t for them giving me an opportunity to come on their show, I wouldn’t have the changes I’ve had recently to do the podcast with Keda and Jay. Julian and Rob you guys are the best. Check out their show on I-Tunes and Podomatic.

What do I look forward to in 2019? Turning 33. Continue to grow The Ca$h INn brand. I wanna create my own website that I can post stuff on too. I’ll be having promotional products I will be selling as well in the new year too. I sold a few this year. I hope to have more inventory soon so I’ll keep you all posted on that. I have business cards as well with all my information on there for my writing. If you want one or some to pass out hit me up. I’m a continue with the podcasting. We are relaunching the NXT podcast and will have a network for that show. That way, it's more accessible to people. I’m the official host now. That’s a real honor. From guest, to co-host, to host. Wow, that's really something. I’ll keep you posted once the relaunch takes place.

One of the biggest parts of my childhood went away in 2018. Toy R US. Like many of you, I grew up with that store. I have many great memories from getting toys and games there over the years. I didn’t get to attend the closeout sale which sucked but I’ll never forget that place. Kids today will grow up without a Toys R US. So sad. You will truly be missed.

So Sad. My Childhood

2018 was a fun year. I think 2019 will be just as much fun. I can’t wait to see what it has in store. I appreciate all who have shared, read, written with me, and supported my writing. If you like what you read, support me on Patreon as well. For $5 you can get exclusive editions of my blog. For $6 you can join the favorite team tier. I’ll write whatever you want me to write about your favorite team. College or Pro. You are in control. Or if you wanna do a custom pledge to support that’s cool too. Feel free to hit me up if you have any questions about any of that stuff. I hope you all have a wonderful New Year. Have fun, be safe, and I’ll see you in 2019. I think I’m a have a certain “Cleaner” close this blog post out for me. Take it away………



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