Birthday headaches

I knew from the minute we walked in to the hotel bar, that is was going to be one hell of a night, and not in the good way. 3 different drinks, cash out, wait for an uber. Walk around a place that I don’t know for an hour. Finally settle down at a sushi place. Sake is poured, I’m told not to drink more than one, I’m served 3. Walk to another bar and we sit by a fire. Spiked slushies, blowjob shot, 2 drinks I can’t remember, a baby maker and a long island mixed together, and ending the night with 4 shots bought by people I didn’t know. Sometime during those drinks I was approached by a cute little gay boy…. Even while being drunk, I’m not stupid. When someone offers someone you something that “Is supposed to make straight girls horny” and their friend has been starring at you since you all walked in, you should expect to be turned down. Let’s see. Waiting for an unet back to the hotel, being escorted to my room, and then dropped off at the door to fend for yourself. I never fell, I didn’t throw up, I wasn’t unaware of my surroundings, I knew exactly what was going on. I had to. When you are going out with two people who drink to get surfaced, you need to be careful. All I wanted was to curl my hair, do my makeup, wear a nice top with some flats, go to a club, have a couple of drinks, dance, maybe do some karaoke. But nope. I went to a bar, no makeup, frizzy hair, sat and drank just to get drunk. Someone, tell me, what’s the point of going out again?