How to accomplish your biggest goals by tomorrow

Running a business is hard.

There’s not enough hours in the day to run the business AND work on your long term goals.

So how do you squeeze in time to learn new things?

As you get older, (and your business gets more complex), you can no longer resort to recycled ideas in books to break through to the next level.

You MUST leverage other people to reach new heights.

The General Contractor Approach

I used to work in construction under a “General Contractor.” The homeowner would pay him $30k to build an addition to his new house.

He would then proceed to hire masonry experts, roofers, electricians. Everyone knew their job and got it done on time and under budget.

The addition would get built in a few months.

If he tried to do everything himself — it would have taken him a few years and he would have quickly been out of business.

(Let alone all of the extra licenses and permits he would’ve had to acquire.)

If this model has worked for thousands of years in the construction world, why do you as an entrepreneur still try to do everything yourself?

Instead of juggling your day to day activities WHILE you try and learn a new skill, why not reach out to an expert?

I’ve done this several times with great success.

I wanted advertising for AppSumo to become a 5 figure channel for us.

After several campaigns I was breakeven at best.

So I reached out to Tony Tovar, a local PPC expert:

“I’ve been struggling getting our retargeting campaign setup. Mind if I buy you lunch and you can let me know where I’m going wrong?”

Within one hour, he had our first advertising campaign setup and it was profitable on day one.

This way you can let the experts do their job, while you focus on what you do best — managing your business.

This can also apply to your personal life as well:

For example, 4 years ago I wanted to learn how to code. I took an online course on Ruby on Rails, dropped $3k on an intensive bootcamp, and proceeded to ship nothing more than a crappy pinterest clone:

For my next app idea, I didn’t try and code it myself.

I reached out to an expert.

He launched the app (Wagly, a dating app for animal lovers) in 2 days.

It’s live on the AppStore now and I didn’t waste 6 months procrastinating getting it shipped.

Maybe this is you too. Is there something you have been meaning to accomplish? Something you have false-started a few times and have yet to show anything for?

What is ONE THING that will help you accomplish your goals faster and stronger?

Now, WHO do you know that is an expert in this field?


I think it’s time for you to message them.

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