Redesigning our logo

This year we celebrated our 5th birthday. That may not be a long time in historical terms — but it is a lifetime in the world wide web.

Since we were born in 2011 the internet have evolved & expanded significantly. Sites such as Uber (created in 2009), Instagram (2010), and Snapchat (2011) have helped this move. The growth in the number of people using mobile and tablet devices has also driven significant changes across the internet.

During this time user experience and user expectations have increased significantly. People want, and expect, better.

They want content that is engaging to them, that they can personally relate to, and that they can share with those in their family, personal networks & community. They also want content that can be personalised to them.

And, quite honestly, back at the start of 2016 we were being left behind in this.

Our present to ourselves

As part of our 5th birthday we worked to identify 6 ‘bold moves for transformation’ that would push us forward.

Our second ‘bold move’ was to –

Make our branding more ‘current’ & digitally friendly, including a new logo, new font style, & new colour scheme”.

Read on to find out how we created our new logo as part of this.

Our current logo

Our current logo was designed in 2011 when the website was first launched –

Bromley MyLie logo — 2011 to 2016 © Bromley MyLife

When we were looking at it we realised that it is not suitable for the digital world in 2016.

It was also not easy for us to use in branding — both in and out of the website. We also felt that it looked very dated and amateurish.

So we decided to change it.

Our logo is a visual cornerstone of our brand

Earlier in the year we spent time thinking about what our logo should be, what it should say about us, & how we wanted to be seen.

Our logo is a visual cornerstone of our brand. It visually expresses our identity. Along with our name, this is one of the main things that makes us memorable.

Our logo is intended to be the “face” of us:

1/ it is a graphical display of our unique identity

2/ through the colours and fonts used, it provides essential information about us that allows our users to identify with our core brand — in other words, OUR WHY

Our logo is also a shorthand way of referring to us in our advertising and marketing materials. It also provides an anchor point for the various fonts, colours and design choices in all our other business marketing materials.

A better strap line

We also wanted a strap line that explained what we did better & that was more ‘human’.

We had received feedback from our users that they did not understand our current strap line —”helping me to make choices”.

In addition, it is also very public sector and professionally worded.

As part of the work to make the website more relatable to the public, and to fit in with the new style of the website, we wanted a better strap line. So we reviewed this too.

Developing our new logo

From our research we know that people want trusted information from us. It’s why they come to the website, it’s why they interact with us, and it’s what we need to provide.

So we sat down with a pile of post-it notes, Sharpies & coffee, to create a list of what we wanted from our new logo.

This is our check list —

We wanted a new logo that was —

1/ simple

2/ clean

3/ almost classic in its style

4/ but that also looked modern & was digitally friendly!

No easy task.

Research —

We did our research too.

We looked at what other logo’s we liked & that felt similar to us.

As part of our wider branding review (more soon) we also looked at how our logo would help us become “more than a brand”.

Our design —

But we did our best to balance all of that — and as a team we used our different talents to come up with the following logo & improved strap line —

Bromley MyLie logo — 2016 onwards © Bromley MyLife

We also created a number of different formats of the logo for different situations, such as social media, smaller spaces, etc.

Some of these include –

Bromley MyLie logo — 2016 onwards, alternative formats (taken from our Branding Guidelines, 2016) © Bromley MyLife

We would love to hear what you think. Just comment below.

We will be sharing more about our transformation agenda through this blog — follow us to keep up to date. Our next post will focus on our new colour scheme.

Bromley MyLife exists to help people who live in Bromley to live their lives better by giving them trusted information & advice — including care & health, learning, and parenting support.

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