I have felt a lightness of being during my seizures

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In the hopes that my family will read this article sometime, I’ll try and capture how it feels. I have uncontrollable Status Epilepticus seizures — sometimes they happen once a week, sometimes once a year and on occasion I managed to only have them once a decade.

Status Epilepticus is a state of continual seizures occurring one after the other without the brain ceasing to rest in between. They are major seizures where the entire body is involved.

Picture this... You awaken to find your wife grinding her teeth, bloody foam coming out of her mouth, arms and legs rigid…

When the company you work for has no soul…

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My assistant’s husband committed suicide in 2018 prior to Thanksgiving. He shot himself at the lake outside their home at night; the body had to be retrieved from the water. It was a gruesome scene for her and their children.

The firm called everyone together the next day to unilaterally explain the situation and make a blanket statement to staff that they would offer her and her family any and every support they might need at this time, and further upon her return.

Ever the pessimist, I doubted that but thought I would give them the benefit of doubt until…

Or the oddball things I’ve considered doing…

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I didn’t think it would be this bad, I didn’t think I would feel this crazy, and I certainly didn’t think it would take this long to find another job.

Five months since I last worked a full-time job.

That feels distinctly freakishly weird to me. I wake up in the mornings feeling like I’m having an out-of-the-body experience. I’ve struggled my whole life with being centered, being balanced, and this period has been the very worst. My seizure medications do not help the situation one bit.

Some days I get my shit together, get up at 5.30am and hit…

It showed on my face, everybody knew — I couldn’t hide

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He worked at a local health store. I bought a lot of healthy food in those days. I knew it was reckless, but I wanted to abandon my self-control a little and live. I hadn’t understood magnetism until he touched my hand in the checkout and I couldn’t …

“Paper or plastic”


“Paper or plastic?”

I was completely lost every time I was in his ambit and it seemed that this glow surrounded both of us. With time my husband noted that I was much happier when I came home from the store, it was that hard to miss.

Why you should consider Community Response Team Training.

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Our plans to leave South Africa had been 18 months in the making; the decision made because I wanted somewhere safer to raise our two young children.

Growing up in South Africa, I had been exposed to the common acts of domestic and regional terrorism through interaction with others and frequent news items. I learned at age 7, in school, during the riots of 1976, to climb under my desk and hide my head in my arms, in case of a teargas canister smashing through our classroom windows. …

I have a second interview tomorrow

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I am excited about this prospect, somewhat.

It’s in healthcare, so a complete change of industry for me. Those of you who have read my other writings know how I’ve been feeling about losing my job earlier this year.

This will be a change of industry but not a change of pace — it’s still administration and, it’s still someone else calling the shots, with me making sure that their life runs smoothly. Not that that is a bad thing, I do love to work behind the scenes.

Being only accountable to myself is a good feeling

However, I’ve become slothful recently and…

Those unforgettable moments and places you can’t do without.

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I had to question this recently, when I realized I don’t have much left in the bank. If I had to choose experiences and opportunities over hard cash in the future, which moments or experiences would I choose?

Regular family meals

I’d want to continue having regular lunches or dinners with my kids like we’ve made a habit of doing recently. They’re fun to have around — we josh and tease each other, they’re fearless and tell it like it is. …

Why I wanted to cry at the Social Security office this morning.

Photo by Dương Nhân from Pexels

It struck me afterwards that we have Life-Changing Events, all the time!

Just because I’m menopausal aka Change of Life, doesn’t mean I should be specifically singled out for attention. And I had to get a grip on myself before the clerk came back from copying our paperwork.

Social Security thinks of everything. They have a form for Life-Changing Events, “SSA-44” https://www.ssa.gov/forms/ssa-44-ext.pdf

It’s related to Medicare and income levels. Due to a recent change of circumstances our income has dropped dramatically, and we had to let them know, fast! The IRS kindly provided them with our 2017 income figures. If…

Now, I’m closer to the homeless man on the corner. What happened? Better still, what really matters?

Photo by Matt Collamer on Unsplash

I’ve looked at life from both sides now… said Joni Mitchell.

This is true for me — In five decades, I’ve been up and down, rich and poor, happy and sad, and yet, I have no idea of where to begin with understanding Life or those who inhabit it. Last year, I knew I wasn’t happy, and I craved change — it was a bellyache in me. Knowing rich people doesn’t interest me — it doesn’t reflect on me and make me a better person to be able to say that I met or know ‘so and so’. …

it’s never an easy thing, especially when there’s family left behind.

Image by Nikhil Kurian from Pixabay

We climbed the rattling, claptrap, old metal staircase onto the flight — a lone adult, desperately clutching a toddler and a preschooler. The anticipation of seeing my husband after the desert of separation that weighed between us, pushed me forward. The children pressed against me, their bright backpacks tightly packed, filled with as much as they could carry — books, snacks and a couple of odd toys. Each of them hoisted a puffy, stuffed duck over their arm.

Without melodrama, I knew in my gut that I would be an old woman before I saw my homeland again. We had…


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