The Simple Truth Behind Reading 200 Books a Year
Charles Chu

Personally, I try to read around 50 books a year (one a week). I’m a slow reader by choice. I like to savor the experience, give characters different voices in my head, take moments to reflect on what I’m reading, sometimes take notes, and things like that. I’ve never seen this as a downfall. I usually remember books I’ve read quite vividly years later. It might work for some to read everything as quickly as humanly possible, but for me 200 books a year would take well over 1,000 hours (I tend to gravitate toward books that are quite long). Do I want to invest so much time into reading? Nope. I think that’s silly. I also happen to think TV isn’t all “garbage.” I find a lot of scripted TV very creative and just as good/fun/well-written as many pop-fiction novels. As with all things, I believe we need balance. For me, 200 books a year is not balance; it would be closer to obsession or addiction, and I’m not comfortable with that at all.