Solitary Confinement.

Is being alone what individuals truly enjoy? Possibly. For myself, pretty much no. I’m an overly intrinsic person, though most may first guess me as a more extrinsic being.

In an extremely fast-paced and rapidly growing society, I preseume that it’s uncommon for individuals like myself to be forgotten – those that would rather just stay quiet and listen; not voicing out any opinions unless a dire-situation calls for the need. Everyday, I face the same struggle: To keep up with others, to survive in a world where silence means consent, to be INCLUDED. Yet, the common propensity is for others to deem those who remain silent as anti-social but truth about people like us is that just want to keep out social circle small because of insecurity. Deep inside, we may be shattered; we may be broken; we may be crestfallen but we’d rather keep to ourselves. Afterall, who in the right mind would want to associate themselves with an asylum escapee so mentally fucked up and unsound.

At the end of the day, we just want to find someone that we can relate to. To feel at ease around just one person is more than adequate but it already clearly seems near impossible. Soulmates cease to exist and it is ultimately human nature to keep moving on in life and changing. Hence, we force ourselves to depict an extroverted character with all beams, grins and laughter. But secretly, our existance fade away one iota after another as the days go by as we incessantly ponder to ourselves:

Why can’t I be like the rest of them?

Will I ever be like the rest of them?

Why must I be so cryptic?

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