Suzie, we call this behavior on your part “backsliding”.
James Joseph

Read Matthew 25:31–46 and compare it with this:

Ask yourself, what does “welcoming the stranger” mean? Does it mean we should treat our neighbors to the south as people who need compassion or as “aliens” who are lawbreakers? What does Jesus say? What does the Old Testament say? Why would God put that stuff in there? Are we serving God when we scream about deportation and deny DREAMers the right to live in this country?

After you’ve worked through that (if you can), can you work through compassion for those who are needy? Compassion for those who are in prison? Compassion for the fatherless? Compassion for people who make mistakes? Can you find compassion and forgiveness for those who you would have previously judged as immoral? This is what Jesus is telling you to do.

Can you read more of Jesus and less of Paul? Paul didn’t know Jesus, and quite honestly, he spoke contradictory to Jesus quite often. The world needs less Paul and more Jesus (Paul can’t take you to Heaven, why follow him?)

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