I read so much great stuff this year. Some of it really stuck with me. I’ve shared below each of those posts, with the most meaningful takeaway I found. #1 below is one of the most powerful and true statements I’ve seen along the way, but all are challenging and thought provoking.

#1 The people you spend the most time with will change you in ways you cannot anticipate. The most important choice of all is who you choose to surround yourself with: Lessons: Reid Hoffman

#2 Pushing back means you already think you know. Asking questions means you want to know. Ask more questions. Always give it 5 minutes. Think about it.

#3 The best salespeople listen differently. They forget about the script (and maybe even their own agenda) @pc4media Active Listening Guide

#4 The first principal is that you must not fool yourself, and you are the easiest person to fool Habits for Running Highly Effective Experiments

#5 Start developing new skills way before plateauing on your existing ones Throw Your Life A Curve

#6 Isolate the real threats and consequences of a problem from your imaginary or exaggerated ones Change Your Mindset: See Problems As Opportunities

#7 The main point of writing is to force yourself to be more precise than you might be verbally. Bad Managers Talk, Good Managers Write: The Power of Writing

#8 @ttunguz “I admire startup cultures that prioritize transparency and reward struggle because these companies value learning” Honest Cultures In Startups *Too many good posts on that blog to list just one. Read them all*

#9 Put yourself in challenging situations right now where the only way out is to grow You Are Going To Be Amazing

#10 By embracing a new mindset of giving, you develop a life-changing perspective that many people never achieve Why Help People Who Can’t Help You Back

** Every day of the year is a fresh start **- Me.

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