The fleeting Fashion Industry of Guyana.

I feel it is my duty, as someone in Fashion Business to speak honestly about the business of fashion in my dear homeland. It’s taken me about 3 weeks to actually post this out of fear of backlash.

I have one major thought about the Fashion Industry in Guyana.

It. Does. Not. Exist.

Truthfully, it irks me to hear it referred to as an industry.

Before you go into a tirade of negative thoughts about how unpatriotic I am, let me explain. I am speaking strictly from a business perspective with no input from my other, more creative, half.

The use of the word industry intimates production and profit making — the kind of enterprise that has the ability to directly affect the economy i.e. GDP. There is no way to pretty it up, fashion doesn’t do that for this country.

Thanks to fast fashion, there is a global industry that’s bringing in upwards of 3 trillion dollars (US) annually. THAT is an industry.

I couldn’t even give you an idea of what fashion brings in here.

The apparel manufacturing industry in Guyana grosses around 15 million USD annually. This can absolutely be considered a part of the fashion industry, but no one considers — I don’t think it’s fashionable enough.

However there are numerous issues to look at when judging an entire industry — innovation, stagnation, how accepted it is culturally, the resources that are readily available, access to guidance and mentorship, and sheer knowledge of opportunities that are out there or whether opportunities exist.

What do you guys think? Is there an ‘industry’? What do you even qualify as an industry? Who are some of the key players making an impact?

If you liked this one, look out for the next post, I’ll be talking about the difference between the fashion industry and the garment manufacturing industry.