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Before the age of the Internet people knew little beyond their own backyard. Today, this is no longer the case. We are no longer restricted to what we see in our backyard, town or even country. The Internet has allowed us to think beyond what’s directly in front of us and explore the numerous aspects of different cultures around the world. Glocality allows us to view certain aspects of the globe without actually being there.

By blending the two words, global and local we have glocal. Joshua Meyrowitz explains that “the local and the global co-exist in the glocality”, the concept is to think globally yet act locally. Everything we do is local, as Meyrowitz explains everything from our sight, smell, touch and taste is local. We cannot physically be global because we are always in one place at one time and our everyday lives are restricted by our current living situations. While we may dream of different places around the world we are bound by our everyday routines. However, glocality is a way for people to take what they know globally and apply it to their world locally.

Moving from a small rural town to a big city, I know the feeling of disconnect well. Having never lived away from my home, family and friends I couldn’t fully comprehend the disconnection I would feel from my social groups. Moving location is always hard, especially when it’s from a small, connected town to a large city. However, it was the connection of glocality that helped me to connect with people from home in Mildura that is a 7-hour drive away. It gave me the ability to stay in contact and socially connect to my family and friends back home, whilst also making new friends in Melbourne. Glocality has helped me stay in touch with not only my loved ones but also my identity.


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